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  1. wow, thanks!! it's nice when somebody likes the work done
  2. i always buy xbox and playstation, but this time i'll go ps4 + wii u. Microsoft killed xbox for me, and i need Nintendo on my life after a few years away...
  3. Hard to say... Atari 2600 for sure, but i don't remember what played first, my uncle gave me the console on my birthday, with a lot of games. Maybe pitfall.... at least, that was my most played game on my old 2600
  4. Thanks, i'll add more features in every release Now i recovered my pay host!! PS: There is a new version, with updater and important fixes.
  5. I've edited the first post because the free host where i hosted the forum seems to be slow and buggy, so i'll keep this thread updated for interested people. I've posted a release fixing some bugs on favourites, recent played and video not stopping when a rom was launched, and added a ROM Properties dialog. Theres is some <spoiler> tag or something in this forum to make a dropdown/popup text box? Ps: thanks tspeirs
  6. here is a link of the current beta: http://www.xiberio.p.ht/deploy/retrosuite/RetroSuite_Beta5.zip Just an early beta with a lot of bugs probably, i've been the only tester. I have a forum for the FE, for people who want help sending bugs or sugerences. www.magecware.com (i'm not sure if it's having problems, is a free host)
  7. I don't think RetroSuite could be rival for Hyperspin hehehe Hyperspin is just too awesome.
  8. Hi, after a few months of recovering (fire accident on my house destroyed my 2 computers) at last, i have a new computer and recovered the code, so i can work on RetroSuite again. RetroSuite forum is up again (i had to sell my webhosting to buy the new computer ) and all interested people are welcome. ( www.magecware.com ) I've Posted a new relase with Daemon Tools Lite autmount support . Thanks and sorry for these interested people.
  9. Wow, thanks a lot, downloading aartwork will b a nice feature
  10. Yeah, that would be cool, but i need a developer account if i understood well
  11. Wow, thanks a lot, i'm really glad the FE is useful to somebody Really thanks, it's grateful somebody likes the work
  12. I've not windows 8 installed to testing, so i'll investigate what is happening. I'd like to know if there are windows 8 users without that problem. Maybe the problem is not in the video code, maybe is an name amtching problem or something. Have you noticed any change in the video area when you select a rom?
  13. one question, did you choose mp4 extension in front-end options? (in the system specific settings, under Video snap folder line edit)
  14. There are a lot of disabled features, like ISO Mounting, i'll add soon (i'm working on some serverr stuff these days), i'll disable the widgets on next beta, sorry for the lack of info. The icon problem is strange, you are the first having that proble, and i'll fix that on the next beta, it's a simple fix. About the mp4 videos, also the first person having that problem, i'll check about that, maybe the windows8 player has an built-in codec, i know it has an built-in pdf support, so maybe the same with some video codecs?
  15. I'm making an host change, sorry for the dns errors, The move will be done today To amtch roms, you have 2 options: -Uset FatMatch to match your media files with your rom files (available on dowload sections on emumovies) -Use crlmMamePro or GoodMerge to reubild your romset. (if you want ini files with company, genre, etc.. working, the romsets must be GoodMerged). Rebuild romsets is very easy, just extract all the roms to a folder, the run GoodMerge or crlMamePro with the correct DAT file you want. There are some tutorials on some forums including Emumovies, but i'll post a tutorial on RetroSuite forum if needed. In the future, i'll include a renaming tool on the FrontEnd. I'd like to add and gamertag style account system, like Xbox, showing last played games, with an user profile on Retro Suite servers, but i don't know too much php. So be patien with this while i found some php guru And again, sorry for the server moving without notice EDIT: Link is working again.
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