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Force aspect ratio to 4:3


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I've installed House of the Dead 1 on PC under Windows 7 64 bits. 

While resolution is set to 640x480, it shows in widescreen and you have the stretched graphics you know.

How can I force it to show in pillarbox mode (with black bars on both sides)? It is closer to original graphics.

I want to add: I am running it on a Gigabyte P34G laptop with GEforce 860M, I did not find the aspect ratio option in Intel graphics or in Nvidia control panel.


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Sometimes when i run into this i check the config text file or my gfx settings. It usually lets you create per game profiles

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Maybe you can use something like dgVoodoo2? Never used it myself so i can't vow for it.

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You need to check the video card settings, there are options for scaling to either do it or not, and who does the scaling.


You want to have this at no scaling for 1:1 and also the the entity in charge of the scaling is the GPU (if you pick display it will enlarge it anyway, as it will be the monitor doing it)

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