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  1. Probably sports games and Battlefield 2. I usually don't finish adventures and RPGs, i try to collect everything from the beginning and then get bored before the end. I really have to set myself to enjoy the story instead of getting 100% completion...
  2. There was also a documentary on NetFlix (i think, could be Youtube as well) which covered the Commodore story. I generally prefer reading over watching video, but with computers and consoles, i prefer video (as long as they show gameplay and old ads and stuff).
  3. Experienced the same, it will probably work for slow games where timing is not important, but even football (soccer) games are too fast (also hard wired). I did get better results with Steam In-Home streaming to the living room PC though. But even my Android tablet with remote desktop produced better results than the Steam Link...
  4. This was one of the hardest ones on my wallet, i think it cost me like 25 coins to finish it the first time. But i would vote for Battletoads as well. Technically not really a beat 'em up, but very hard indeed! Played it again recently on an emulator with save states, i was surprised how far i got when i was young without save states. All those old games are much harder indeed. The first few screens of Mega Man for example are harder than a lot of end-game levels of current games. Remorseless!
  5. Square did make a Mario sports game for the 3DS. But a sequel to Mario RPG would be great indeed, revisiting it currently with my daughter on the SNES mini!
  6. Agreed, i don't know about the current state as i just got back into it, but i liked the fact that the developer is so active in his community. Love the devotion to making it a great experience.
  7. What is 3rd gen, Sandy or Ivy Bridge? For me it works quite well on 1080p with an i5-3570K (not overclocked). I do have some freezes, but still trying to find out if this is due to CPU/GPU limitations or something else.
  8. Great, thank you! Always fighting with this and ending up naming everything individually until i see it made some spelling errors when i bring up a front end. At least it shows you that something is not matching there, if there's not too much it can be done manually.
  9. What format would give the smallest file size in, say, 1080p while working with most modern frontends (in particular LaunchBox, Hyperspin and Attract)?
  10. Would be nice if nVidia and AMD would incorporate this in their cards. Would be a selling point for me if it was only available on certain cards!
  11. Thanks! That's why for music i always try to have as much relevant metadata in the titles, so you can place them back in the ID3 (i hate inconsistencies in titling and numbering). The less relevant data can then be populated by scrapers again.
  12. I wish they had something like a profile database where it chooses the right settings based on the game. Quite a hassle with old dos games if you have a lot: one uses space to shoot, the other X etc.
  13. For me it works with an Ivy Bridge i5 and a Radeon 7950 (in FullHD though). I do get freezes now and then, wonder if it's because of my system being not fast enough or something else as it seems to happen randomly.
  14. Is there a way to still see the pic? I'm looking for some additional inspiration, though i know Google is my friend....
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