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Video Discussion: Retro Style Spotlight [10-18-16] Adventures of Musashi, Policenauts, Piko Interactive, Beatmania


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Name: Retro Style Spotlight [10-18-16] Adventures of Musashi, Policenauts, Piko Interactive, Beatmania
Category: News and Entertainment
Date Added: 2016-10-29
Submitter: SentaiBrad

Today's Retro Style Spotlight is jam packed! It starts with last weeks Sega Model 3 Arcade tutorial centered around Supermodel. It's a lot easier than you might give it credit for, but if you are having issues with it, check it out. Today's stories are all about Musashi no Bouken, or The Adventures of Musashi Jr., an NES JRPG very similar to Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) but set in feudal Japan, there is also the Policenauts Saturn english translation that is finally complete and that game is lauded as being superior in most every way to the PS1 rendition, and about a company called Piko Interactive that is taking lesser known, unknown or hard to find games, acquiring the rights to distribute them and distributing them in the way that they are meant to be played, which is usually on a retro video game console.

This weeks Retro Remix is Thunderstruck by Big Giant Circles. It's a very awesome Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remix that really kicks the LoZ music up a notch.

This weeks this month in gaming is all about the Rhythm Game from Konami that has the claim to fame of starting it all, beatmania. While it's cousin Dance Dance Revolution became more of a hit here in America, beatmania still has the title for getting Konami in to the music genre that no one else had before, and starting a music game revolution that still goes to this day!

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Sega Model 3: http://bit.ly/2e0dgFQ
Musashi no Bouken Translation Group: http://bit.ly/2efMCZl
Musashi no Bouken Translation Patch: http://bit.ly/2e0bHrv
Policenauts Saturn Translation: http://bit.ly/2eHNGnY
Mednafen Saturn Tutorial: http://bit.ly/2cKjruP
Piko Interactive Site: http://bit.ly/2ex5T8D
Thunderstruck [LoZ: OoT] OCR Download: http://bit.ly/2dhyGwU
25YearLegend Album: http://bit.ly/2emFbMc
Big Giant Circles Site: http://bit.ly/2edRAl2
beatmania: http://bit.ly/2ekYC6L

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Retro Style Spotlight [10-18-16] Adventures of Musashi, Policenauts, Piko Interactive, Beatmania
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