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EmuMovies hits 4000 registered members in 6 months!

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Although EmuMovies has been around since 2005, this new site was just launched last November. I feel a small bit of accomplishment that in just 6 months we have reached the 4000 member mark. The kind words you guys send me and the feedback on the new site is just incredible and I can't thank you guys enough. Anyone that knows me personally on here know that I am always complaining and frustrated with myself on just how much still needs to be done to get this site finished (mainly the downloads section) but the level of support and kindfelt words really keep me going each day and I thank you all for that.

To our supporting members I would just like to tell you that all of these upgrades (server, site, etc) is all because of you. I never would have thought when I started this little project for myself in 2005 that it would ever turn into something this big. But it really has and your generous donations really made it all possible and I just can't thank you guys enough.

And finally to our team members and contributers, words can not express my appreciation, this project is really starting to be a community effort which takes so much stress off of me it's starting to be fun again! Vglord, Koolbrez, Keno, Blazer, Jochitko, Brian Hoffman, Badseed, Celly and Daphne, thank you so much, everyone here owes you a huge round of applause.

I really am looking forward to the future of this site and even after all of this time it feels like we are barely getting started, I can't wait to see where we are this November. So keep gaming and keep checking back often, thank you everyone, we are off to a great start!

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