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Missing Videos (Compared to Hyperlist Databases)


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As requested I will start listing known missing video snaps in this post.  These are videos that we could use submissions for.  I will add more details to this post soon so check back often.
System - Status - Hyperlist Version
Aamber Pegasus - Missing 3/3 - 0.1 Aamber Pegasus (HyperBase 0.1)(Missing).txt
Acorn Archimedes - Missing 134/134 - 0.1 Acorn Archimedes (HyperBase 0.1)(Missing).txt
Acorn Atom - Missing 10/10 - 0.1 Acorn Atom (HyperBase 0.1)(Missing).txt
Acorn BBC Micro - Missing 1321/1321 Acorn BBC Micro (HyperBase 0.1)(Missing).txt
Acorn Electron- Missing 932/932 Acorn Electron (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
ALF TV Game - Missing 3/3 ALF TV Game (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
American Laser Games - COMPLETE - 1.0
Amstrad CPC - Missing 2745/3104 - 1.0 Amstrad CPC (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Amstrad GX4000 - Missing 1/25 - 1.0 Amstrad GX4000 (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
APF Imagination Machine - Missing 13/13 - 1.0 APF Imagination Machine (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Apogee BK-01 - Missing 92/92 - 1.2 Apogee BK-01 (HyperBase 1.2)(Missing).txt
Apple II - Missing 2687/2687 - 1.0 Apple II (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Apple IIGS - Missing 333/333 - 1.0 Apple IIGS (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
ArcadePC - Missing 12/17 - 1.0 Arcade PC (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Atari 2600 - COMPLETE - 1.0
Atari 5200 - COMPLETE - 1.1
Atari 7800 - COMPLETE - 1.1
Atari 8-Bit - Missing 2808/2808 - 1.0 Atari 8-Bit ( HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Atari Classics - COMPLETE (MAME) - 1.1
Atari Jaguar - Missing 15/54 - 1.1 Atari Jaguar (Video Snaps)(Missing).txt
Atari Jaguar CD - Missing 13/13 - 1.1 Atari Jaguar CD (HyperBase 1.1)(Missing).txt
Atari Lynx - COMPLETE - 1.1
Bally Astrocade - COMPLETE - 1.0
Commodore 64 - Missing 7594/8312 - 1.0 Commodore 64 (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Commodore VIC-20 - Missing 150/1534 - 1.0 Commodore VIC-20 (HyperBase 1.0)(Missing).txt
Nintendo Super Famicom - COMPLETE - 1.1
Sega Dreamcast - 313/347 - 1.5 Sega Dreamcast (Video Snaps)(Missing).txt

Sega Master System - 330/334 - 1.2 Sega Master System (Video Snaps)(Missing).txt

Sega Saturn - 290/304 - 1.2 Sega Saturn (Video Snaps)(Missing).txt
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - COMPLETE - 1.4
Taito Classics - COMPLETE (MAME) - 1.0
VTech CreatiVision - COMPLETE - 1.0
Watara Supervision - COMPLETE - 1.0
Williams Classics - COMPLETE (MAME) - 1.0
WoW Action Max - COMPLETE - 1.0
Zinc - COMPLETE - 1.2

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I was thinking actually if someone had some time. If there was a tutorial on how to upload video snaps for people who are interested in helping but not to familiar on how to actually edit/record/upload the proper video snap, id be interested in taking time to learn/help with what ever I can.

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These are missing vids entirely too:

casio pv-2000 
commodore 16 & plus4
commodore max machine (circo has a wip set since a year)
doujin soft
fujitsu fm-7 
nec 9801
nec 8801
nintendo wiiware
microsoft ms-dos 
sega pico,
tangerine oric
tandy trs-80 color computer 3
thomson mo5

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Are there any tutorials for making these snaps? I have time to make some if I knew how to make them. If there is not a tutorial, would someone be interested in writing one up, or making a video tutorial. I would love to learn more about the process and give some time and contribute to making the site even better, but I don't currently have the knowledge to do so.

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The missing lists in this topic are old and outdated. Many of those like Game Gear and such I already finished.

Circo's tutorial needs updating too. You should not be using xvid or tscc for anything nowadays, those are old crap codecs. My method is similar to his so follow most of his guide.

I record raw 60fps footage with FRAPS, one clip with the game title, one with gameplay. With Virtualdub, I trim the game title to 8 seconds exact, then gameplay footage to 30 seconds (use arrow keys on keyboard to navigate timeline, and "7" and "1" on keypad to set start and end trim points).  

(Sometimes game titles don't reach 8 seconds before a demo starts, so don't worry about always reaching that time. I just like to be nitpicky and uniform so I'll even copy/paste still images from a title to reach that 8 seconds lol)

Resize the clips depending on the system. For most consoles, it's 640x480 and set the resizing method to "nearest neighbor". Use the Null Transform filter for cropping out black borders when needed. Be sure you have Null Transform listed above resize. Just hit the "Cropping..." button on side with Null Transform highlighted to crop. Some systems you won't have to worry about this.

Your filters screen should look like this:


Encode both vids using x264vfw set to lossless. Make sure VirtualDub Hack box is checked. Your x264 setup should look like this:


Then upload to FTP by going into: /Upload Here/_Video Snap Submissions

Create a folder with your username and upload your videos, 2 for each game i.e. Mega Man (USA) T and Mega Man (USA) G. Circo will then finalize them for official downloading.

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Funny you should ask that. I started on the ST vids last week. These take a bit longer to do though as there are many bad games and complicated simulators that I have to guess my way into playing for footage. For instance, it literally took me almost 10 minutes just to learn how to start the engine on "A320 Airbus (Europe)" just to have at least something to record footage of and I never could figure out how to take flight lol.

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