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  1. Hey does anyone know where I can get these 3 PlayStation One game videos from. The FTC had 2 of them but they were distorted audio for me for some reason and one missing. PlayStation 1 Videos Akuji the Heartless (USA) - Distorted Audio Issue NBA Hangtime (USA) - Distorted Audio Issue TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR (USA) - Missing
  2. I haven't even messed with Virtual Pinball yet but this seems amazing!
  3. Im on so many new forum sites these last couple months that just getting pointed in the right direction means a bunch so thanks talbin!
  4. Hey im very interested in trying to help with the progression with the artwork side of my frontend. Videos seem to be highly wanted so i figured id start there. Does anyone have a good tutorial or can direct me to a good tutorial on how to edit/record/upload the appropriate type of video snaps correctly? I dont have any software as of now. But I would be interested in looking for some if I know where to start.
  5. I was thinking actually if someone had some time. If there was a tutorial on how to upload video snaps for people who are interested in helping but not to familiar on how to actually edit/record/upload the proper video snap, id be interested in taking time to learn/help with what ever I can.
  6. Hey everyone! 26 Year old from Omaha, Nebraska. Recently getting into all this emulation after researching costume made cabinets. So far so good. Having a great time and im impressed with the community behind this project. You will probably see me post most of my stuff on HyperSpin forums unless it is a direct question about video snaps. Hope to see everyone around!
  7. Ya man there is a LOT of content to be set up but they do a pretty good job figuring out the main systems people want next and work with the community to help finish that systems media. I wish I could catch up to them actually lol bc I'm so far behind they have so much done that I haven't even thought of starting. Just vote in poles and stuff like that. Might see your system get finished next. I like the path they are taking personally though lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I voted psp just bc the emulation for it is so good it would be nice to finish the media for it too but honestly any of them lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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