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Button Actions snap?


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Hello all, Im a new member and trying to build a new cabinet (will be posting pictures in the future). My question is- Does a file exsist that has a snap of what the buttons do for each game (mainly in MAME) or is this something that would take forever to make. My idea is a small inlaid lcd that gives the button actions for each game. Ive never heard of this before so this is a long shot, but thought i would atleast ask. Thanks in advance for any info.

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FYI, the image pack Circo linked to looks to be generated from CPWizard. If the image pack is close enough to your panel layout and you only want the images that will be a much quicker route, but CPWizard provides some additional options:

  • Customize the layout of the control panel (including joystick graphics, button colors/locations/#, etc.
  • Can batch export to generate images like in the pack
  • If ran alongside MAME it has a lot of features to display the panels and other artwork before games load or on a second screen

I can't speak for most of the features as I've only gotten far enough to customize the panel to may layout and export the images for use in RocketLauncher as fade images and as pause menu artwork, but I've read of others using this for emulators outside of MAME and it looks like you can setup the panel images as native MAME bezels to allow for in-game reference if you don't use RL.


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