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  1. Beauty that one is. I live in the US, too bad I cant afford the shipping on that. Nice work though.
  2. Austin your videos rock! They are a great stepping stone for home arcades. Thanks for your work.
  3. Killer Instinct for me. I crush it with Orchid!
  4. I like your first one. it's interesting without being too busy. The second one is too busy to me.
  5. Please share what you have as you build, I'm trying to do the same.
  6. Starflight for Sega Genesis Scud the disposable Assassin for Sega Saturn
  7. It's a real cool community so far. I have found some real insights on some project I want to work on.
  8. What are you using for the walls? It looks really thin. Is it plywood or MDF?
  9. Have you had any issues with overheating across the MOBO?
  10. It sounds like a awesome idea. Maybe custom banner shots with the game name and the controls
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