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  1. looking goodz looks like it ready to transform into a robot
  2. hi im new here after reading about all the frontends i somehow started using mala i recovered all the files needed wich was very hard since it somehow dissapeared from the internet but i managed in 3days off corona lockdown to set it up with my own theme if any oldscool mala people are around let me know i got olmost everything working in windows 10 just the video function dont wonna work if anybody got some info on that our got it working on windows 10 hit me up also what format does it use any info welcome our if you have questions for me hit me up here later on i gladly try make all mala files avaible in a packet with my theme can also speak dutch(perfect) our french(presque bon lol) preview off my xwing commander theme flying trew history off gaming lolz one mayor breakthrough in setting up this frontend becuase i will use a arcade cabinet is finding the program emustop so i can stop any emulator with escape did small happy dance when i figured that one out heres my nintendo 64 template
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