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  1. I generally only log in once a month or so but I've noticed everytime I do the site is redesigned. It seems as if somebody has a lot of time on their hands ;) Seriously though the site always looks great!
  2. Wow that is a lot of media for rocket launcher. How much space do you think a fully tricked out rocketlauncher with media for every game would take up? It would be sweet but man we need bigger SSDs.
  3. Sorry I don't have any 2600 controllers. I have NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PSX, dreamcast, gamecube, and wii. One of my friends actually has a 2600 in the box sitting in his garage. I could ask him if he is willing to part with it. I'm not sure of the condition. What would something like that go for?
  4. You are right. Retroarch is the default reference front end for libretro. This link explains all about it. https://www.libretro.com/index.php/api/
  5. Yup it can do this pretty easily. You just save a different configuration for each system. I have original controllers for each system too so it saves all my button mapping separately for each system as well.
  6. Wow this looks great. I have to admit I was one of the people that thought this looked silly but you made me want to try it out. Thanks!
  7. I keep everything zipped. On an SSD it isn't too bad extracting and saves that precious space. I abhor 7zip though. It takes way too long to compress/uncompress.
  8. LOL thats a pretty smart way to sell expired meat (I know it doesn't say it is expired but I bet it is)
  9. I got pretty excited when I read the topic. My heart sank when I saw the pics. LOL
  10. This new version looks great. I am really excited that so many developers are putting a lot of time into their front ends. All this competition is bound to make everyone's front ends better and better.
  11. Does anyone here have bad motion sickness and use VR? I get car sick and boat sick fairly easily so I am wondering if using a VR gear will make me sick.
  12. I love the speakers and guns. Looks aggressive!
  13. I first heard about it from simply austin. Apparently it can use hyperspin themes and is much more modern. Haven't played with it myself though. http://attractmode.org/
  14. Are you on an older version of 7zip? The latest one is 16.00 and can extract rar5 archives. You can, of course, always just install winrar to extract it too.
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