LaunchBox Big Box Portable Handheld Retro Gaming on the GPD Win!

By SentaiBrad, 04/09/2017

Much to our surprise, LaunchBox and Big Box, as well as all your favorite retro gaming platforms and emulators, all run just about perfect on the GPD Win! Everything up through Nintendo 64 emulation runs great, and the experience is made near perfect with LaunchBox and Big Box.

Download LaunchBox Here:

Buy the GPD Win:

Buy the Lexar 128GB Thumb Drive:

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Tweak these settings in Big Box to get the best performance on the GPD Win:

Options - Views - Show Filters Recent Games - Unchecked
Options - Views - Show Filters Favorite Games - Unchecked
Options - Images - CoverFlow Image Quality - Lowest
Options - Videos - Video Playback Engine - Windows Media Player


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