LaunchBox Hits The Road! Update 7.9 IS ALMOST HERE! - 2017/04/08 - LaunchBox News and Updates

By SentaiBrad, 04/09/2017

LaunchBox Update 7.9 releases around Tuesday/Wednesday!

We’ve mostly been focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements this past week, but we did add a new feature to prepopulate the entire image cache in Big Box, which helps a lot with lower-end devices like the GPD Win.

Jason did a video this past week on the perfect retro gaming handheld, running LaunchBox and Big Box on the device:

We now have default images for all the platform categories thanks to GiantTitan!

Jason did a live stream demo of the images that you can watch here:

James Baker has new Arcade and Console platform category videos for us! Viking also has a complete set of platform category videos available that are awesome as well!

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