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Super clean! Did you do the artwork? What are you using the top joystick setup for? Single player?

Thank You. The airbrushing i did myself. The top joystick is a 4 way with the microswitches for games such as pac-man. My wife likes the authentic arcade feel of the stick. She doesnt like the feel of the (4) U360's i have installed so i added the top stick to please her. lol

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Amazing cab.  The art is amazing.  Don't think my mrs. would let me have it in the house though!  I note the 6 buttons for P3 and P4?  I didn't think there were many games that had 6 buttons for 4 players?


Or is it for other emulators. 


I have to say amazing cab one more time! 

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Thank you. To tell you the truth im not sure what would utilize those buttons either, but I put them just in case. Also I do play other emulators to answer your question, but havent fully finished setting them all up.

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