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  1. Santihore

    20140127 183755

    It's all airbrushing.
  2. Santihore


    shots of arcade cabinet progress
  3. Santihore


    Thank you. To tell you the truth im not sure what would utilize those buttons either, but I put them just in case. Also I do play other emulators to answer your question, but havent fully finished setting them all up.
  4. Santihore

    20130312 051742

    All the black wire for the switches is 22 awg. The grey wire to all the leds is the the wire thats attached to led drives from ggg. There all tied together using lace cord. Very few zip ties were used.
  5. Santihore


    This is a one of a kind trackball i purchased. It is a smoked translucent black color. It appears solid black when not lit, but lights shines throught it very nicely.
  6. Santihore


    Thank You. The airbrushing i did myself. The top joystick is a 4 way with the microswitches for games such as pac-man. My wife likes the authentic arcade feel of the stick. She doesnt like the feel of the (4) U360's i have installed so i added the top stick to please her. lol
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