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What artwork to use around vertical MAME games


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Hello and sorry for the noob question here :thanks:


I am using GameEx as a front-end for emulators, and there are many MAME games which, when played full-screen, aren't really full screen because their original screen was longer vertically than horizontally.


It would be nice to have some graphics to put on both sides when playing such games, so that they would end up filling the whole fullscreen without losing the original aspect ration. What kind of artwork do people use to achieve this effect? Do we have such artwork on EmuMovies?

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Im noticing that this is a bit out of date 2011, and they can be found elsewhere as well.  I've kept the FTP updated but forgot about the download section.  I'll add that to the always growing things to do list ;)


Anyway, not every vertical game has bezels, but the ones that do you will want to run in cropped mode in mame to keep the game full screen.

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