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  1. A bit late to the thread... ? are you still accepting requests?
  2. If you find bad video snaps you should definitely notify the community, so that we can work to make new replacements for them. It'd be nice if we had a better system for tracking bad videos but AFAIK you can only bring it up on the forums I suppose... I have no idea about Gamecube snaps, as I don't even have such console emulated. However, it sounds strange that all of them are bad and nobody has complained yet (unless it's a very recently uploaded set). Could there be a problem with the codecs in your own machine?
  3. Batch #3 completed. Starting Batch #4... Alter Ego - Female Version (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Alter Ego - Male Version (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Blood Money (USA) Blood'n Guts (Sweden) Bubble Dizzy (Europe) Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A) Chain-Reaction (USA) Cheap Skate (Europe) Chickin Chase (Europe) Clik Clak (Europe) Curse of Sherwood, The (Europe) Damsel in Distress (Europe) Deactivators (Europe) Drelbs (USA) Encounter (Novagen Software) (Europe) Firequest (Europe) Forester (Europe) Frantic Freddy (USA) (Unl) Gates of Dawn (Europe) Gordian Tomb (Europe) Gradius (USA) Hot Wheels (USA) How to be a Complete Bastard (Europe) In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (USA) Ingrid's Back! - Graphic Version (Europe) (Side A) Jetsons, The (Europe) Jungle Drums (Europe) Junkyard Jalopies (Europe) Karnov (USA) Lander (Europe) Laser Squad (Europe) Laurel & Hardy (Europe) Leather Goddesses of Phobos (USA) (Side A) Leviathan (Europe) (Side A) Metro-Cross (Europe) Monty Python's Flying Circus (Europe) Moon Dust (USA) Moontorc (Europe) Nightmare on Elm Street, A (USA) (Side A) Night Shade (Europe) Night Shift (Europe) Nine Princes in Amber (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Outlaw (Players Premier) (Europe) Pawn, The (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A) Pastfinder (USA) Phantasie (USA) (Side A) Raid on New York (USA) Realm! (Europe) Seahorses (USA) Sea Wolf (USA) Shadowfax (Europe) Shamus (USA) Shogun (Europe) Skull and Crossbones (Europe) Smurf Rescue (Netherlands) Space Rogue (USA) (Side A) Starflight (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Street Rod (USA) (Side A) Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low (Europe) Top Cat - Beverly Hills Cats (Europe) Transylvania (Europe) Venom Strikes Back (Europe) Warrior of Ras Vol.I - Dunzhin (USA) Xain'D Sleena (USA) (Unl)
  4. Awesome! Please try to synchronize with the others so that we avoid duplicate work. You can post the list of games you're working on in the same thread as mine (link above) if you wish.
  5. Getting "all" the video snaps will be impossible, as there are currently more than 25k games documented, and we'll probably never even document them all if we also consider local productions in non-english countries. But of course you should hope to get all the video snaps of YOUR games! You can add your requests to this thread, but be prepared for long waiting times as there are already hundreds of requests* (also from other threads): If you make your own video snaps, you can also keep an eye on the list of those I am currently making, so that you avoid duplicate work: *I don't make video snaps on a first-come-first-served basis, otherwise I'd be still working on the first request list I ever got. Rather, I usually pick a bunch of titles from each list so that everyone gets at least a few requests fulfilled every now and then.
  6. I got stuck missing the videos for the gameplay of these 3... somehow I couldn't make these games start properly in my emulator :/ So I've decided to move on and start batch #3, but this time I'll make it only 64 games long instead of 100, so that you don't have to wait another year and a half before it's finished Asterix Artillery Duel (USA) Astro Chase (USA) Atomino (Europe) (Unl) Aztec (USA) Balloon Rescue (Europe) Bandits (USA) Bigtop Barney (Europe) Black Hawk (Europe) Black Tiger (Europe) Blackwyche (USA) Blip! - Video Classics (Europe) Bug Blaster (Europe) Centipede (USA) China Miner (Europe) Chomp! (USA) Countdown to Meltdown Dark Castle (USA) (Side A) Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (USA) (Disk 1) Demons of Topaz - Ozzy Versus the Universe (Europe) Dungeons of Doctor Creep, The Dynamite Dux (USA) Escape from Paradise (Europe) Fighting Warrior Frogger II - Three Deep (USA) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (USA) (Side A) Hungry Horace (Europe) Juice! (USA) Klax (Europe) Legend of Kage (Europe) Livingstone, I Presume (Europe) Mail Order Monsters (USA) Mr. Do! (USA) Mr. Do's Castle (USA) Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory (USA) Newzealand Story, The (Europe) Nobby the Aardvark (Europe) (Side A) Nosferatu the Vampyre (Europe) Omega Race (USA) Operation Thunderbolt (Europe) (Side A) Q-Bert (USA) Ranarama (Europe) Rescue on Fractalus! (USA) Return of the Mutant Camels (Europe) Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Europe) River Raid (USA) Saboteur (Cable Software Ltd.) (Europe) Saga of Erik the Viking, The Sentinel (Synapse Software) (USA) Shinobi (Europe) Ski or Die (USA) (Side A) Speedball (Europe) Speedball II (Europe) Terra Cresta (Europe) Time Soldier (USA) To Be on Top (Europe) Turmoil (USA) Up Up and Away (Europe) Wallie Goes to Rhymeland (Europe) Wheelin' Wallie (Europe) Zig Zag (Europe) Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (USA) (Side A) Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz (USA) Zork III - The Dungeon Master (USA)
  7. Thank you too! I am slow but steady The hardest work is actually in learning how to play some of the most complex or unforgiving games, in order to deliver a reasonable gameplay capture. You have no idea how many times I already tried to stay alive more than 30 seconds in "Hercules" and always failed
  8. First batch completed, here's my titles list for the second batch Ad Infinitum (Europe) Age of Adventure - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (USA) Age of Adventure - The Return of Heracles (USA) Alien Syndrome (USA) (Side A) Ancipital (Europe) Ant Attack (Europe) Autoduel (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Bangkok Knights (Europe) Battle Command (Ocean) (Europe) Battle Through Time (USA) Battlezone (USA) Big Ben (Europe) Camelot Warriors (Spain) Castlevania (USA) Catalypse (Europe) (Disk 1) Congo Bongo (1983) (Europe) Dead or Alive (Europe) Death Knights of Krynn (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Defender (Atarisoft) (USA) Dig Dug (USA) Donkey Kong (Atarisoft) (USA) Donkey Kong (Ocean) (Europe) Eye of Horus (Europe) Express Raider (USA) Finders Keepers (Carousel Software, Inc) (USA) Forbidden Fruit (USA) Frak! (Europe) Fred (Europe) Galactic Gardener (Europe) Games, The - Summer Edition (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Games, The - Winter Edition (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Giants Revenge (Europe) Hard Hat Mack (USA) Heli Rescue (Europe) Hercules (Europe) International Tennis (Zeppelin Games) (Europe) Killer Watt (Europe) Knight-Tyme (Europe) Knights of Legend (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Legacy of the Ancients (USA) (Side A) Legend of Sinbad, The (Europe) Lemmings (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Lethal Weapon (Europe) Magic Candle, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Mario Bros (USA) Midnight Resistance (Europe) Might and Magic Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Moonfall (Europe) Mr. Heli (Europe) MULE (USA) Necromancer (USA) Nemesis (Europe) Neuromancer (USA) Outlaws (USA) Parsec (Europe) Popeye II (Europe) Postman Pat (Europe) Postman Pat II (Europe) Postman Pat III (Europe) Predator (USA) Rick Dangerous (Europe) Rick Dangerous II (USA) Road Runner (Europe) Rock n' Bolt (USA) Save Me, Brave Knight (USA) Shao-Lin's Road (Europe) Silent Service (USA) Skidmarx (Poland) (Unl) Slam-Dunk (Europe) Slicks (Europe) Smash TV (Europe) Soko-Ban (USA) (Side A) Spikey in Transylvania (Europe) Spiky Harold (Europe) Spirit of the Stones (USA) Sports-a-Roni (Europe) (Side A) Stop the Express (USA) Street Sports Baseball (USA) Street Sports Basketball (USA) Street Sports Football (USA) (Side A) Street Sports Soccer (USA) Summer Camp (Europe) Swamp Fever (Europe) Tag Team Wrestling (USA) Tapper (USA) Terry's Big Adventure (Europe) Times of Lore (USA) Three Stooges , The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Through the Trapdoor (Europe) Thunderbirds (Firebird) (Europe) Time Tunnel (Europe) Trailblazer (Europe) Train Robbers (Europe) Trolls and Tribulations (USA) Underwurlde (Europe) Where's my Bones (Europe) Wizard (USA) (Side A) World Karate Championship (USA) Zeppelin (USA)
  9. I am working on some of the missing C64 video snaps, you can check my work-in-progress list in this thread: http://emumovies.com/forums/topic/10292-commodore-64-work-in-progress/#entry21669
  10. I have started working on the missing video snaps for Commodore 64. Below is the list of titles in my first batch, which will keep me busy for a while If others are also working on missing C64 video snaps, we can use this thread to avoid duplicate work! 221B Baker Street (USA) (Disk 1) 720 Degrees (USA) Aegean Voyage (USA) Alley Cat (Europe) Apple Cider Spider (USA) Arctic Shipwreck (USA) Bagitman (Europe) Batalyx (Europe) Bath Time (Europe) Below the Root (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Bionic Commando (USA) Bizy-Beezzzz (Europe) Blade Runner (Europe) Blue Thunder (Europe) Booga-Boo the Flea (Europe) Brian Bloodaxe (Europe) Bristles (USA) Bruce Lee II (USA) (Unl) Bubbler (USA) Budokan - The Martial Spirit (USA) (Side A) Burnin' Rubber (Europe) C64anabalt (Encore) (Europe) (Unl) Caesar the Cat (Europe) Caesar's Travels (Europe) Castles of Doctor Creep , The (USA) Caverns of Khafka (USA) Champions of Krynn (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Chessmaster 2000, The (USA) (Side A) Clean Up Service (Europe) Clean Up Time (Europe) Cliff Hanger (Europe) Cops'n'Robbers (Europe) Countdown to Shutdown (USA) Dante's Inferno (USA) Dragon's Lair Part II - Escape from Singe's Castle (Europe) Dropzone (Europe) Elidon (Europe) Entombed (USA) Falcon Patrol (Europe) Falcon Patrol II (Europe) Fiona Rides Out (Europe) Flip and Flop (USA) Gateway to Apshai (USA) Ghost Chaser (USA) Gogo the Ghost (Europe) Heart of Africa (USA) (Side A) House of Usher (Europe) Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies (Europe) Hunt for Red October, The (Europe) Imhotep (USA) Jack and the Beanstalk (Thor Computer Software) (Europe) Jupiter Lander (Commodore) (USA) Kokotoni Wilf (Europe) Leaderboard Executive (USA) Legionnaire (USA) Mad Doctor (Europe) Mancopter (USA) Manic Miner (Europe) Mission Impossible (USA) New York City (USA) Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (Europe) Olli & Lissa 3 - The Candlelight Adventure (Europe) Ollie's Follies (USA) Pancho (France) Pedro (Europe) Pesky Painter (Europe) Pharaoh's Curse (USA) Polar Pierre (USA) Pole Position (USA) Pool of Radiance (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Popeye (Parker Brothers) (USA) Quak-Attak (Europe) Quasimodo (USA) Questron (USA) (Side A) Questron II (USA) (Disk 3) Quo Vadis (Europe) Rags to Riches (USA) Raid on Bungeling Bay (USA) Realm of Impossibility (USA) Save New York (USA) Search for King Solomon's Mines, The (USA) Seven Cities of Gold (USA) (Side A) SkateRock (Europe) Spike's Peak (USA) Sword of Fargoal, The (USA) Tales of the Arabian Nights (Europe) Tass Times in Tonetown (USA) (Side A) Temple of Apshai, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Tir Na Nog (Europe) Tooth Invaders (USA) Toy Bizarre (USA) Trap Door, The (Europe) Trollie Wallie (Europe) Tropical Fever (USA) (Unl) Trashman (New Generation Software) (Europe) Uuno Turhapuro muuttaa maalle (USA) Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness (USA) Ultima III - Exodus (USA) Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Ultimate Wizard (USA) (Side A)
  11. I still have to questions before starting submissions: #1 - What to do with games/systems that don't have a 4:3 aspect ratio? Clearly the game video must have its own correct aspect ratio. But should we create video snaps that are always 640x480 (ratio 4:3) and just include some blank bands for example on top/bottom, OR should we create a video file that matches the game's original ratio? See attached screenshots as a reference, and tell me which one is the way to go (or something else!): option_1 > total size set to 640x480, some extra screen is captured above and below option_2 > total size set to 640x480, no extra screen captured, blank area fills option_3 > total size set to 640x400 (same as the original source) #2 - Are you absolutely sure you want CBR (constant bit rate 10000kbps)? I just tested it and 30 seconds of video snap are ~40Mb of file. If we set VBR (variable bit rate with MAX 10000kbps) it ends up less than 1Mb, quality not visibly affected.
  12. Ok! Great news then Are those video (CBS 10kbps) and audio bitrates (192bps) in your attached pictures the wanted ones? The video constant bit rate 10k will probably result in a very large file, something like ~40-45Mb for 30 seconds. I was aware of the need for separate title video and gameplay video, here I attached just a 10s sample to check if the quality and parameters were acceptable. No problem with doing also the titles. But if I can avoid the need for editing/mixing, it would certainly be a lot easier. Currently I am having some problems with emulators that don't use their entire window for the game screen, in which case some cropping is needed, but I am quite sure this should be possible within OBS. When I figure it out, I can start sending you actual snaps. [i can also write instructions for using OBS for our purposes, but it's so easy that I am not sure we need them] I am certainly happy to help... I need many missing video snaps for myself anyway, so why not sharing them? Just be warned that I will be slow, doing this task between work, family, studying...
  13. Of course something was wrong... It doesn't let me change the coders, it's always x264 (mp4) video and AAC or mp3 audio. That would be good for my own use, but doesn't meet emumovies requirements. bublbobl.mp4
  14. Well... just tried OBS and count me puzzled because at first sight it seemed to go like a breeze Everything seemed too good and too simple to be true (also considering that I know nearly nothing about video stuff), there must be something wrong somewhere... can I attach some sample file recorded with OBS here? It would be great if someone could check out if it fits with the submission requirements.
  15. I am looking forward to trying OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for screen recording. Anyone has tried that before? Any reason why this should not be used?
  16. Would it be possible to add some suggestions on freeware/opensource capturing SW on the first page?
  17. Is this an FTP-only update? For example, I checked the Download section for "Super Ninja-kun (Japan)" which is in the list, but the video snap is not available.
  18. I'd like to add my requests too on this thread, in hope someone is willing to take the task Another World Ascendancy Budokan Commander Keen II - The Earth explodes Commander Keen III - Keen must die Commander Keen V - The armageddon machine D-Generation Flashback Fool's errand God of Thunder Hexxagon Jetpack Lost vikings Master of Orion Ocean trader Permanent Daylight Pharaoh's Tomb Ports of Call Prince of Persia 2 Pushover Rogue Slicks'n'slide Snoopy and the Peanuts Sokoban Squarez Star Control Star Control 2 By the way, how does one capture video snaps of DOS games?
  19. Been thinking about doing these myself, but it's impossible for me before December.
  20. Great list! I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to add my "missing" list too 4th Protocol Apple Cider Spider Arctic Shipwreck Asterix Bath Time Bionic Commando Blue Thunder Bozo's Night Out Brian Bloodaxe Bristles Burnin Rubber Caesar the Car Caesar's Travels Castles of Doctor Creep Centipede Clean Up Service Clean Up Time Cliff Hanger Countdown to Meltdown Crystals of Zong Donald Duck's Playground Dropzone Dungeons of Doctor Creep Entombed Fighting Warrior Gateway to Apshai Ghost Chaser Gogo the Ghost Goonies Grog's Revenge Henry's House Hercules Highnoon Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hobbit International Basketball International Soccer Jupiter Lander Karateka King Solomon's Mines Kokotoni Wilf Livingstone I Presume Mail Order Monster Mancopter Mario Bros Mario Bros 2 New York City Ollie's Follies O'Riley's Mine Pitstop II Quak-Attak Quasimodo Raid on Bungeling Bay Realm of Impossibility Road Runner Rocket Ball Saga of Erik the Viking Save New York Sentinel Short Circuit Skate Rock Spike's Peak Stringer Super Pipeline Super Pipeline 2 Tales of the Arabian Nights Temple of Apshai Thunderbirds Tooth Invaders Toy Bizarre Tropical Fever Wizard Zork Zorro By the way, I definitely have Great Giana Sisters, Skate or Die, and Telengard over here, and I don't think I've captured these myself... are you sure they are missing from emumovies?
  21. Just noticed that the following video snap from the Amiga collection M-Z in the Download section is wrong: Winter Games I'd also like to request a video snaps for the following missing Amiga games for the future Bard's Tale II Bard's Tale III Caesar Fiendish Freddy Big Top O'Fun Jack Nicklaus Odyssey Ooze - Creepy Nites Pharoah La Profezia Thanks and happy retrogaming
  22. Yes I guess, I just won't use the wow features. I may actually not upgrade at all, and keep using the old GameEx, if the new one requires too much PC resources for features I don't want/use.
  23. Dislike. The reason why I chose GameEx over Hyperspin and others was because its interface is bare and essentials, without all the gorgeous presentations. They are in fact gorgeous, but once I've gone "wow" once or twice, they become redundant and annoying to me. I am interested in playing the games, not in watching their presentations.
  24. From the News as written, it seems this update would be also to the Download section of the website, but it's not...
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