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  1. A bit late to the thread... ? are you still accepting requests?
  2. If you find bad video snaps you should definitely notify the community, so that we can work to make new replacements for them. It'd be nice if we had a better system for tracking bad videos but AFAIK you can only bring it up on the forums I suppose... I have no idea about Gamecube snaps, as I don't even have such console emulated. However, it sounds strange that all of them are bad and nobody has complained yet (unless it's a very recently uploaded set). Could there be a problem with the codecs in your own machine?
  3. Batch #3 completed. Starting Batch #4... Alter Ego - Female Version (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Alter Ego - Male Version (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Blood Money (USA) Blood'n Guts (Sweden) Bubble Dizzy (Europe) Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A) Chain-Reaction (USA) Cheap Skate (Europe) Chickin Chase (Europe) Clik Clak (Europe) Curse of Sherwood, The (Europe) Damsel in Distress (Europe) Deactivators (Europe) Drelbs (USA) Encounter (Novagen Software) (Europe) Firequest (Europe) Forester (Europe) Frantic Freddy (USA) (Unl) Gates of Dawn (Europe) Gordian Tomb (Europe) Gradius (USA) Hot Wheels (USA) How to be a Complete Bastard (Europe) In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (USA) Ingrid's Back! - Graphic Version (Europe) (Side A) Jetsons, The (Europe) Jungle Drums (Europe) Junkyard Jalopies (Europe) Karnov (USA) Lander (Europe) Laser Squad (Europe) Laurel & Hardy (Europe) Leather Goddesses of Phobos (USA) (Side A) Leviathan (Europe) (Side A) Metro-Cross (Europe) Monty Python's Flying Circus (Europe) Moon Dust (USA) Moontorc (Europe) Nightmare on Elm Street, A (USA) (Side A) Night Shade (Europe) Night Shift (Europe) Nine Princes in Amber (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Outlaw (Players Premier) (Europe) Pawn, The (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A) Pastfinder (USA) Phantasie (USA) (Side A) Raid on New York (USA) Realm! (Europe) Seahorses (USA) Sea Wolf (USA) Shadowfax (Europe) Shamus (USA) Shogun (Europe) Skull and Crossbones (Europe) Smurf Rescue (Netherlands) Space Rogue (USA) (Side A) Starflight (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Street Rod (USA) (Side A) Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low (Europe) Top Cat - Beverly Hills Cats (Europe) Transylvania (Europe) Venom Strikes Back (Europe) Warrior of Ras Vol.I - Dunzhin (USA) Xain'D Sleena (USA) (Unl)
  4. Awesome! Please try to synchronize with the others so that we avoid duplicate work. You can post the list of games you're working on in the same thread as mine (link above) if you wish.
  5. Getting "all" the video snaps will be impossible, as there are currently more than 25k games documented, and we'll probably never even document them all if we also consider local productions in non-english countries. But of course you should hope to get all the video snaps of YOUR games! You can add your requests to this thread, but be prepared for long waiting times as there are already hundreds of requests* (also from other threads): If you make your own video snaps, you can also keep an eye on the list of those I am currently making, so that you avoid duplicate work: *I don't make video snaps on a first-come-first-served basis, otherwise I'd be still working on the first request list I ever got. Rather, I usually pick a bunch of titles from each list so that everyone gets at least a few requests fulfilled every now and then.
  6. I got stuck missing the videos for the gameplay of these 3... somehow I couldn't make these games start properly in my emulator :/ So I've decided to move on and start batch #3, but this time I'll make it only 64 games long instead of 100, so that you don't have to wait another year and a half before it's finished Asterix Artillery Duel (USA) Astro Chase (USA) Atomino (Europe) (Unl) Aztec (USA) Balloon Rescue (Europe) Bandits (USA) Bigtop Barney (Europe) Black Hawk (Europe) Black Tiger (Europe) Blackwyche (USA) Blip! - Video Classics (Europe) Bug Blaster (Europe) Centipede (USA) China Miner (Europe) Chomp! (USA) Countdown to Meltdown Dark Castle (USA) (Side A) Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (USA) (Disk 1) Demons of Topaz - Ozzy Versus the Universe (Europe) Dungeons of Doctor Creep, The Dynamite Dux (USA) Escape from Paradise (Europe) Fighting Warrior Frogger II - Three Deep (USA) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (USA) (Side A) Hungry Horace (Europe) Juice! (USA) Klax (Europe) Legend of Kage (Europe) Livingstone, I Presume (Europe) Mail Order Monsters (USA) Mr. Do! (USA) Mr. Do's Castle (USA) Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory (USA) Newzealand Story, The (Europe) Nobby the Aardvark (Europe) (Side A) Nosferatu the Vampyre (Europe) Omega Race (USA) Operation Thunderbolt (Europe) (Side A) Q-Bert (USA) Ranarama (Europe) Rescue on Fractalus! (USA) Return of the Mutant Camels (Europe) Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Europe) River Raid (USA) Saboteur (Cable Software Ltd.) (Europe) Saga of Erik the Viking, The Sentinel (Synapse Software) (USA) Shinobi (Europe) Ski or Die (USA) (Side A) Speedball (Europe) Speedball II (Europe) Terra Cresta (Europe) Time Soldier (USA) To Be on Top (Europe) Turmoil (USA) Up Up and Away (Europe) Wallie Goes to Rhymeland (Europe) Wheelin' Wallie (Europe) Zig Zag (Europe) Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (USA) (Side A) Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz (USA) Zork III - The Dungeon Master (USA)
  7. That would probably take a few lifetimes I mean, if you wish to see it completed for home computer systems like C64, Spectrum, DOS... It's more realistic to expect full sets for consoles only.
  8. Self-update on this... Apparently the MAME ICONS are the only icons to exist, and are usable either in MAMEUI or in front-ends such as GameEx, because they are the results of a collaborative project of MAME enthusiasts. There is no such thing as game icons for non-MAME systems. After talking a bit about it in the GameEx forums, it might be a good idea after all to consider the possibility of starting another collaborative project, with the purpose of creating game icons for other systems. It would be of course great to know how many would be interested in having game icons, and who would even like to contribute. Creating an icon is a fairly small task if you start from a game screenshot, but what makes the overall project hard is as usual the very large amount of games. It would make sense to break the project down in subproject, one per system. My first priority is to resume creating missing video snaps, but I will also start creating the first non-MAME game icons myself. You are welcome to come on board if interested :)
  9. Do we actually have any game ICONS files/packs at all in EmuMovies? I found a very large collection of game icons at http://icons.mameworld.info/, these can be used for example in GameEx to nicely show together with a game's title in the menus, and I was thinking it would be nice to have the same for ALL emulated systems, not just MAME. Perhaps it's just too much work for such small benefit, but since we're perfectionists... :)
  10. On second thoughts.... I just noticed that besides the standard aspect ratio 4:3/3:4 set by default in MAME video option there is also a pixel aspect 8:7/7:8 option. I've always played the MAME games with standard aspect ratio i.e. full screen for horizontal games, full height but empty sides for vertical games. But now I'm confused on which one is the original or "native" aspect ratio for games??? It would be nice to play MAME games at the originally intended aspect ratio of course. If it's pixel aspect then I need to look even further for appropriate bezels, and it might be even more difficult to find them...
  11. Thanks phulshof! I checked a few of those out, but all the bezels are either 16x9 or they go all around the game screen and shrink it. It's a pity tho, since they all look amazing! Crop mode on MAME doesn't work for me, as it basically hides the bezel entirely and shows again just the game screen. Basically I need to find 4x3 bezels that only add an image to the left and right of the game screen, but not above or below, so the maximum height is preserved. And possibly without any "fake border" around the game screen, which seems very common but slightly hides the game screen's edges... I don't know why this is popular, personally I'd prefer to see 100% of the game screen.
  12. Maybe I should mention that I am using a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. So actually Krakerman's bezel don't work for me because they are in 16x9 aspect ratio.
  13. I have many vertical MAME games which occupy only the central part of my horizontal screen. I have understood that there is an option in MAME to enable "bezels", which are background images that are displayed around the gameplay area in order to fill the screen. I am not sure but it seems that kind of images are available in "MAME Artwork Pack" and "MAME Artwork Preview Pack", but from the look of them, they seem to go quite a lot around... above, below, left and right, and therefore greatly reducing the gameplay area! I am rather looking for bezels that only go left and right, so that the gameplay area utilizes the whole height of the screen. Do you know where to find such format of bezels? While searching for instructions on the GameEx forums, I stumbled upon Krakerman's MAME bezels impressive work. Even tho technically his bezels do reduce the gameplay area vertically a bit, it is not really that much, so they would be fine for me. But they don't seem to be in the format expected by MAME, which I think requires a .PNG image and a .LAY file zipped together. Krakerman's bezels use an .INI file instead of .LAY, I think they are meant for RocketLauncher which I do not use.
  14. Thank you too! I am slow but steady The hardest work is actually in learning how to play some of the most complex or unforgiving games, in order to deliver a reasonable gameplay capture. You have no idea how many times I already tried to stay alive more than 30 seconds in "Hercules" and always failed
  15. I have one of them too (DL), but it doesn't work in conjunction with Daphne, so I can't integrate it with the rest of my retrogames collection behind GameEx.
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