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Hyperspin Apps

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Ok . I see some threads asking about 3rd party apps so I'll give you a list of what I think are essential.

HyperSpin XML Bidouilleur 0.6 - Gui for opening your databases. Editing xml. Checking Art, vids etc.

HyperSpin_RomManager_1.1c-MK2k - Renaming, matching and copying tool for pretty much any extension you add.

Skinny Match 1.06 - Match and rename files fast.

ROMLister_024 - Used to load in merged xml files from mame or gamebase. Can create xml for hyperspin and others.

HyperROM2XML_1.5 - Generate xml from folder contents. Can also be used to load an xml and copy files XML2ROM

Hyperspin Total Editor1 - There's alot in this one but I only tend to use it for fixing an xml.

HyperGame Database - There's alot in this one too but I use this to create genre databases. Will give you text files of missing art etc. Also to reorder you main menu xml without doing it manually.

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