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  1. Top about to add this to my project..nice vid respect
  2. Respect to all the guys inolved will test it later.looking forward to this one hope they fixed hyperlaunch for running in the back and not closing first time its run i had issues with this..but its a great program..hyperspi and emumovies and hypersync just gets better and better..thx again for all your hard work...
  3. I need this also hehehe donney been banging out the themes...
  4. well its a start the machine looks ok with xarcade controller system and the stickers on the side look alright also..check out this cab !! i would say also hyperspin is the best frontend...good things are starting already with videos being able to be in mp4 the quality is fantastic...circo doing a good job also..
  5. respect for this great service the program is great looks like things are getting better and better..also with hypersync over at hyperspin the programs are making it easy to match stuff up..
  6. yeah top program mate still finding my way around stuff..also thx for ya help rain..respect.
  7. lol yes and all the crap that came with that one...that was part of the reason.
  8. sorry guys i aint been on because i have split with the mrs..should be back online next week when i have the new pc up and running.... been busy sorting stuff out...FREE MAN AGAIN...
  9. hi to all who have just joined this site if ya need any help just ask and i will try and point you in the right direction...also Pyre you might wanna google badboy bills mk9 cab also i think there are some pictures over at hyperspin.WELL HOPE TO SEE YA ALL IN THE CHAT...
  10. like you said is correct put the FLV files in video one...avi remember is not compatable with hyperspin 1.0 only with the new version when its out there will be mp4 also i think...if you are doing themes the path is nearly the same apart from the last click go into themes...remember for things to work together they must be named the same eg.. rom name = afterburner theme still zipped = afterburner video flv = afterburner xml = afterburner if it has something different like = afterburner(usa) then you would change them all or take out the (usa) paths are also quite easy to follow in hyperspin..i can see your using your c drive straight from the computer i use a removable E:\Media\Sega Genesis\Video E:\Media\Sega Genesis\Themes but your doing things right from what you have said also the utillity device is very good for matching stuff..
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZhRFUte4SYdr8unAff0Kw new updated site i keep updating when i can....the videos are over a few days..
  12. http://www.classic-retro-games.com/
  13. yeah i left home at 18 and got a flat...i just think the kids of today just wanna sponge off you because its an easy life just having to pay £200 a month with a wage of £900-£1,000 per month..its a joke and cant even respect your stuff for amount they pay...they think its a right to be able to mess it up...(well i pay rent it!! its my room!!) thats what reply you get back...
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