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  1. Version 20160131


    Amstrad CPC Standard Quality Video Snap Pack Technical Specs Video Count: 374 Typical Duration: 35sec Video Codec: h.264 MP4 AVC Resolutions: 320x240 Frame Rates: 60 Audio Codec: AAC (mp4a) Channels: Stereo Bitrate: 128 kbs (var) Sample Rate: 48000 Hz Naming Convention: HyperBase / No-Intro
  2. Nice one. I do have a load more but they've all been processed into the intro & game joined mp4.
  3. Add the theme with the matching name: HyperSpin\Media\Main Menu\Themes\Sega System 32.zip Same for wheel: HyperSpin\Media\Main Menu\Images\Wheel\Sega System 32.png
  4. Check horseyhorsey folder on HS ftp for xml.
  5. Yeah, this is what I mean about the wheel reinventing because the gamebase pretty much has all this down per rom. I don't have to worry about that because it's done with the GBLauncher. If you really wanted all of that without more work it can be extracted with m$ access.
  6. They were only posted for people here that would like to use them and not wait for the wheel to be re-invented. It's good that you feel you want to put the same time into what's already been done anyway. This is where people differ. You got your people who just want to play the games & the people that have to be pristine. To get that into your naming convention wouldn't take 10 minutes anyway , would it? I can't see much wrong with the description, genre, year & manufacturer. Some gamebases in no way can include every single game unfortunately and quite frankly not too worried about that because they get very little play, at least from me anyway. And by christ if I have to play one more flight simulator from any 8-16 bit comp I will go insane.
  7. https://www.mediafire.com/?tgbssn1fodb7g6s Xml's for 8-bit
  8. I said the same before, something happened as soon as I started Hypersync. I wasn't going mad & blaming it, it just did. Yeah. I would only fill in from Blazer. Probably one or two games where the gameplay needed to be a bit better I re did
  9. Hey, nice job. It's an easier job when you have the snapshots to reference with. There's at least 2 cricket games I know of that are pretty much the same game but different game name/packaging.
  10. You would need to upload as avi and Circo will use as masters and convert. Needs title & gamplay capture. Gamename-T.avi Gamename-G.avi There's a decent batch converter called "handbrake" if you want to convert to mp4 fast for your own use after you capture.
  11. Well, now I use hypersync it messed up mine too yesterday. I can tell which is wrong because I've always had screenshots in the same video folder to cover for videos that are missing.
  12. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't all the hyperlaunch media being hosted on emumovie ftp? /Official/HyperLaunch Media
  13. Have just checked mine and they're the correct game. I have never used hypersync though.
  14. Thanks for info, I'll have to check it out.
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