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  1. Is there any free software that i could use to record these games by myself? I also need videos for Super Probotector & F-Zero Grand Prix 2.
  2. Anyone have a video snaps for these 2 games? they are Japanese releases but you don't need to know Japanese to be able to play them, anyways they are the only games outside the US, EU that i have added to my Super Nintendo XML for Hyperspin, i have wheel art for these 2 games if anyone needs it.
  3. I think some of us have been lurking around here.
  4. Anyone know where to get the hyperspin 1.2 update whilst the HS forums are down?
  5. If you downloaded the videos here i believe they are in .mp4 format, not sure if that works with Hyperspin 1.0
  6. Can't remember what it was called exactly, but i downloaded Hyperspin checker and that does the job nicely, thanks mate.
  7. I had a program a while back that would check all media and rom folders, then would make a text file for each system of what Wheel, Videos, & Roms, i lost the program in a harddisk crash and can't remember what its called.
  8. Its been good to have a place to post whilst the Hyperspin forum is being updated.
  9. Hey guys, anyone know when the Hyperspin forum will be back up?
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