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User Poll: Sega Dreamcast Emulator


User Poll: Sega Dreamcast  

657 members have voted

  1. 1. What emulators do you use for the Sega Dreamcast?

    • DreamEMU
    • DEmul
    • NullDC
    • Redream
    • Reicast
    • Retroarch - Redream GPL Core
    • Retroarch - Reicast Core

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Welcome to our user poll for your favorite Sega Dreamcast emulators.  Please vote for your favorite emulator or emulators if you use more than one.  Please let us know in the reply's why you chose the emulator you did.  Please feel free to leave any comments, tips or suggest another emulator be added. Our hope is that these ongoing polls will help members make the right choice when picking out an emulator. Thanks to all who participate.

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Hi, I'm new at this kind of downloading roms to play the games on PC but unfortunately after braking my Dreamcast original console i must do that. I download several Dreamcast games and now can some one help me to chose a good Dreamcast Emulator it would be nice. I whant to play the games on my PC and sometimes on my Phone.

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I've found redream to be excellent. Has the best compatibility for the games I play. Several things I couldn't get to work on Reicast work great with redream.

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