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Sega Dreamcast Game Manuals Pack


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Sega Dreamcast Game Manuals Pack

This latest update adds 15 new manuals and updates file naming to the latest ReDump naming convention.

EmuMovies Official Manual Collection for the Sega Dreamcast

Availability: Site, FTP & Sync

[File List] Sega Dreamcast (Game Manuals)(ReDump)(EM 2.1).txt


Sonic Adventure (USA)_Page_01.jpg

Sonic Adventure (USA)_Page_02.jpg

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  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Naming
  • EmuMovies Sync
    Available: Yes
  • FTP Folder
    /Official/Game Manuals


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Hi guys,

I'm atm doing alot of Scans for the system. When im done ill upload all of the manuals ive got. This project is really timeconsuming so itll take some time.

Here is a link to my wip Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2kxRBljrlPvRnY5RTI3M0J2WDg?usp=sharing


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Version 2.1

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