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  1. Hanzfranz

    Saturn Manual Pack (#-D)

    Awesome, thank you!
  2. Hanzfranz

    Super Nintendo Game Manuals (Pack 2)

    Love it, thanks!
  3. Hanzfranz

    GameCube Game Manuals (Pack 2)

    Again, thanks!!!!
  4. Hanzfranz

    Retropie project

    That's certainly something different!
  5. Hanzfranz

    RetroArch Vs. RocketLAuncher - Pros and Cons?

    Retroarch thanks to all its amazing shaders!
  6. Hanzfranz

    Virtual Arcade Front Ends

    I would love to try this!
  7. Hanzfranz

    HyperSpin - why insist on it?

    I started out with Hyperspin. Now running Launchbox. Much cleaner and easier to use.
  8. Hanzfranz

    Dreamcast Video Snaps (Pack 1) (SQ)

    Wow you are really doing some awesome work on all of these projects, much appreciated!
  9. Hanzfranz

    Super Nintendo Game Music Pack (N-Z)

    This sure put a smile on my face - thanks!!
  10. Hanzfranz

    NES Game Music (Pack 1)

    Wow this is so cool, thanks!