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Which section do I submit artwork to?


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I've made some additional 3D covers for the Atari2600...

They are based on the current No-Intro romset.

The 3D covers packs on this site have nearly everything, just the naming convention is different and 35 covers are missing.

I have all 35 finished and would like to upload them here...

Some are not great but they do fill in the blanks, and I've kept psd files so that at some point I may go back and clean them up.

Where do I up them to? Artwork or Boxes?

BTW Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for the Photoshop Templates which ere invaluable to noob like me :-)

Tanks But no Tanks (USA).png

Elevator Action (USA) (Proto).png

Tempest (USA) (Proto).png

Sky Patrol (USA) (Proto).png

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