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  1. Hi, I've made some additional 3D covers for the Atari2600... They are based on the current No-Intro romset. The 3D covers packs on this site have nearly everything, just the naming convention is different and 35 covers are missing. I have all 35 finished and would like to upload them here... Some are not great but they do fill in the blanks, and I've kept psd files so that at some point I may go back and clean them up. Where do I up them to? Artwork or Boxes? BTW Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for the Photoshop Templates which ere invaluable to noob like me :-)
  2. Thanks Farael! I like the look of the Starcade... I've got enough to go on now... Pretty much exactly what i was looking for :-)
  3. Hi I also want to up some Atari2600 3D boxes... Do I just up them to the same place? I need to explain why they differ from existing sets and to also thank DamnedRegistrations for his Photoshop templates. I have added covers into the list, but I couldn't find anywhere to type the info in... (maybe after I press Submit?). Sorry for the question... I didn't want to needlessly up something without asking first.. Thanks
  4. Thanks! I can use the 5200 template.. Exactly what I needed... I'm not a photoshop expert so they will help me... I'm using a a 2017 No-intro romset for the Atari 2600, so there are a few differences between the ones hosted on this site and the romset. If they turn out any good I'll up them Thanks Again :-)
  5. I'm using the 3dCover pack for the Atari 2600 with a No-Intro set, and there are quite a few missing covers. The Rom Launcher I'm using can download the 2D covers. If anyone has a psd template for a 3D Cover could they up it somewhere and i can use that with 2D covers I've already downloaded. I'm not great with Photoshop, but I reckon i could Knock up a few covers a day. It would be nice to properly finish the collection i downloaded from here.. Thanks
  6. Well, That would explain it then! I just popped over to the Hyperspin forums and the Android thread. It seems that you need to have the nVidia OpenGL drivers, not just any OpenGL. (My ProBox2 does indeed have OpenGL drivers, but I guess they won't work being AmLogic...) If I had known that Hyperspin worked on Android, I might have splashed out for the ShieldTV! As it is I have a cheap Android box and am using ArcBrowser which is very nice to set up... Setup each emulator (install RetroArch & cores first) and go with default settings and point it to the systems ROMS and it'll scrape the artwork and metadata. It's just a bit dull...... So I'm in the (slow) process of setting up Advanced Emulator Launcher for KODI (my Android boxes frontend), which can use most of hyperspins assets, and is nicely integrated with the KODI GUI. I did read somewhere on the Hyperspin forum, that it might eventually be ported to other android chipsets, so here's hoping!!
  7. I know that it's mainly PC, however there is a nice version that is available for android, just a very small subset.... It's something to do with the OpenGL drivers that are'nt available for many of the other android GFX chips. It does work on the nVidia Shield Tv (Tegra) and can be modded to work with other android boxes if they also have the Tegra chipset. It just seems a shame to put energy into something that is only available to a very limited group... Wishful thinking really... 'cos it's very pretty :-)
  8. I want to make a cab of some sort, and I see lots of projects, but no links to plans.. Does anyone have a decent site or link that has plans? Thanks
  9. I would be happy to try Hyperspin, except that on Android they require you have an nvidia Tegra graphics chip.. so it works mainly on the Nvidia Shield Tv... So it only can be run by a small % of users :-(
  10. ArcBrowser is pretty good if you are on android... Very clean and easy to set up.. However it only displays the synopsis and cover. I've tried RomBrowser & AEL on KODI, Hyperspin, and a couple of others. The easiest was ArcBrowser, although I'm slowly setting up AEL at the moment
  11. I want to build a tabletop arcade cabinet, like the ones that were found in pubs in the 80's, Has anyone go any good links for the plans, or in fact any tips & pointers... Thanks *Edit* Mods - i think this thread might better suited to the GameRoom Forum, instead of this one, Sorry! :-) Please move it if necessary...
  12. The Halo series alwasy had a good thumping track to kill by! Tempest2000 on the Jaguar was amazing at the time....
  13. Spacewar on a school Mainframe, as well a colossal cave port, sometime in the 70's (mid?)
  14. Lol.... I've "loved" so many!!! Standout ones are Galaxians & Phoenix, Crazy Climber, and Dragon's Lair (it was simple to learn (by watching others) and you could easily just play the game through on a single life) As an all time favourite, I think I'll go with... Robotron 2084.... Speed, control, reflexes, and pattern recognition, and peripheral vision, all in one game!
  15. I've gone the Android route... Octacore * 2.0ghz, 3gb Ram, Roms & Media on Network storage. I use Kodi as my (Android) launcher and Advanced Emulation Launcher (AEL) as my frontend, to launch Retroarch From Kodi, I was using ArcBrowser (native android) which was dead easy to setup. However AEL more feature rich (including rom auditing) and is seamless with Kodi.
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