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Is there anywhere to download plans for these projects?


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I want to make a cab of some sort, and I see lots of projects, but no links to plans..

Does anyone have a decent site or link that has plans?


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23 hours ago, Farael said:

Hi. Try here: http://www.elhendri.com/planos-muebles-arcade/

You just have to click on the image of the one you like.

By the way, share his page if you can, this guy deserves it.

Thanks Farael!

I like the look of the Starcade...  I've got enough to go on now...

Pretty much exactly what i was looking for :-)

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I appreciate the points in the right directions. I’ve seen some members say they have plays they can post but never see them posted. These help though. Thanks!

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I would try the arcadecontrols forums, they have tons of info on cabinet building.

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