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Unable to View Video Preview in Maximus Arcade


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Hi, I've been searching for a solution and just have not found one.

I want to set up video previews for all my emulators and started out testing it on the NES. I have converted the videos I downloaded from here into avi using Any Video Converter and downloaded CCCP, which I saw listed as a solution to my problem on various forums. I have the correct paths set but I have no video or sound preview in Maximus Arcade. I've tried figuring this out myself for quite some time but I can't find any more potential solutions for my problem. Does anyone have any solutions/suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure anyone here is still using MA honestly. It's been years since I've used it and my only recommendation is to switch to HyperSpin, GameEx or LaunchBox. I'd say LaunchBox and GameEx are the best at the moment. HyperSpin hasn't seen any updates in awhile and Maximus Arcade was abandoned years ago, yet the author still continues to make money off of it...

Make sure your videos match your ROM names exactly or they won't show :)

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