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Old memories !


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hello to all fellow retroheads , I still have my very first home computer. Which is a ZX-81 with 16 k ram extension. 3d Monster Maze and 1K Chess. And can remember staying up till one oclock in the morning , to record a zx program which was broadcast by BBc Radio , them where the day`s :)

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I started with an old 486. I had generic game like Flinstones and ish on DOS. Later I got some monstrosity of a HP machine with 1gb hard drive. I thought I'd never be able to fill that up in my life!

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Staying up until 1am on an old system... I can almost smell the power leaking from the machine.  What it's all about!

I still have my first CoCo, but I can't hook it up and the controllers don't work.... but the memories-

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