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EmuMovies Background Collage

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Hey guys! I Love the background collage art for the EmuMovies website! Is their anychange there's a full version that is available somewhere to download. This type of art is what I'be been thinking about using for my cabinet.


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I would love to see that on the side of my arcade cab!!!

That's what I was thinking! After failing at making it a vector I tried the next best thing: I tried to make it a tile. IE an image that can be seamlessley duplicated to make a wallpaper type effect. Agian, my photoshopping skills are letting me down :)

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Hi Ckeech


Thank you for uploading the picture.


Is this the same picture that Circo had as the background of his web site / uploaded in the earlier post? The reason I ask, is that it I cannot recall seeing the Wii bar on the bottom of the image...


Would you by chance have the image but without the Wii bar?


Thank you again.



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