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  1. Im having the same problem as MIDUS Everytime I try and log into the download utility it just says fog in failed. I saw you posted a comment that said submit a support ticket but how do you go about doing that? thank you
  2. what could possibly be blocking it? Are they any programs i actually need to run it? I tried it on my other computer and i logged in just fine??? So I guess im going to have to transfer my files through an external HD until I can figure it out... It works on my home pc but my arcade pc it does not work out...
  3. I clicked on the link and all it said was this DeX Games Media Download Service API thats it
  4. what version have you got

  5. I just tried changing my password from the generated one to one of my own, and it still didnt work? might try a different computer maybe?
  6. I really wanna thank you guys for all your help you guys are doing this on your own time trying to help me out ....
  7. Im not mad or angry at all. I know this is a BETA but Im so excited to use it lol Circo do you have a link where i can maybe download the beta again? I used my search option ad found like 5 programs for the Download Service utility but it wont let me delete them and start with a fresh download of it? How can I do that?
  8. Im getting the same error REVO-TEST I bet it shows no systems in the pull down tab either? We are the unlucky ones lol EDIT I put in TELNET 80 and it gave me the blank screen with the flashing line... but I tried again and still it says Log in faiure??? I also turned off my windows firewall also still no luck
  9. I tried the TELNET IP PORT ( 80) I just copied the entire thing and pasted it in there and hit enter.... It just gave me some examples like -a -e -f-1 -t -host -port then beside them like a definition of the meaning then a blinking light to do the same thing again??? I tried again with the beta but same thing? i dont get it man this is nuts
  10. Im direct connnected.. Idk whats up with it but what d you mean when you said At a command prompt type this telnet 80 ???????? where do i put that at? nothing special about my isp a very big and common company around here...
  11. I just tried the new password and It still says Login Failure man this is getting really frustrating... I disabled all firewalls and have tried from 2 different computers idk
  12. this is what im seeing on my screen>??????? Im so lost lol please help
  13. i had this problem initially, in the user ID box it showed user@emumovies.com or maybe user@emumovies, once i removed the @emumovies and just used beav1s for userID instead of beav1s@emumovies it worked fine. so in userid box just try mmafan instead of mmafan@emumovies or w/e. hope this helps I tried using my name mmafan but it still says Login Failure???? I see at the bottom left it says Status: Login: mmafan but thats it??? Still no systems showing in the pull down tab or anything?? it says ( Version 0.4) at the top? Im clueless. please help if you can
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