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  1. Seems like they mostly recommend RetroArch
  2. "Steam Link converts everything to Xinput or Direct Input. Make sure your emulators support that and that all input configs are set up for that too, and it should work. Retroarch looks to fit the bill on most of this"
  3. The Steam Link is currently on sale. Steam Link, normal price: €54,99 ICEY, normal price €8,39 Steam Link + ICEY bundle: €9,49! So if you consider the full price of the game, the Steam Link just went from €54,99 to €1,10 + shipping xD
  4. THK

    Atari 7800 Logos

    Version 1.0


    Logos (Wheels) for the Atari 7800 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Includes 3 System Wheels (THK)
  5. View File Atari 7800 Logos Logos (Wheels) for the Atari 7800 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Includes 3 System Wheels (THK) Submitter Circo Submitted 02/28/2017 Category Artwork Resolution Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 63  
  6. It's all the preview vids you see playing in any front-end that isn't using static screenshots. And a bit more of course, but I can't imagine any immersive FE without it :)
  7. Beer n Vectrex overlays

  8. Having a paid membership means you can download videos at the highest quality and without the download restrictions. EM is not a cloud service that hosts the vids here for streaming, you need to download/sync everything to your pc/cab/nas. This means once you download the vids with whatever method you use, you have them. As soon as your paid membership ends, you're back to the restrictions. But everything you downloaded before then, you have. However, if you lose/delete whatever you have downloaded after you membership ends, you either have to download with restrictions or renew your paid membership. The advantages of the lifetime membership is that when sets get added/updated, you don't have to worry about the restrictions. Whatever you choose, it'll be fine. If you can download everything EM has to offer within the shortest paid membership, that is cool. You could also just use the free membership with restrictions and download as you set up systems and see how it all works out for you. Then upgrade whenever you feel. The vids are independent of of front-end and many FE's will allow you to store the vids outside of the FE's file structure pointing to them. This way you can use them for multiple FE's at the same time or have an easy migration if you ever decide to change your Front-End Hope that's clear enough.
  9. I believe you can set your torrent so that it only downloads the files that have changed since your version. Or download the entire set if data/speed limits & ratio aren't an issue.
  10. Guess the Korean spam that has been flooding hyperspin-fe has found emumovies as well
  11. If by that you mean in your face eye candy, than hands down HyperSpin. Do you want easy set-up and powerful search funcitonality, then GameEX. Otherwise maybe have a look at the new kid on the block LaunchBox (it's still constantly changing due to being in development though) Maybe take a look in the discussion of the Front-End poll thread
  12. Je kan tegenwoordig ook nergens meer heen zonder al die Nederlanders tegen te komen ;)
  13. Dunno, haven't played with LauchBox, but the Clear Logos sound like clear background game/system logo images that have been created for HyperSpin on the hs-fe site. Otherwise known as wheel images, the ones you scroll through to select systems/games. If so, these are available in the hs-fe downloads section, and if you're a platinum member there, from the ftp or sync service. If you already have em for LaunchBox, this might help: (found on LB forum with ggl search)
  14. Of course I voted HS, it has been my most used FE and I'm an admin over there. But it's not the be-all end-all of FE's nor do I say it's the best. I'm happy for us all to co-exist. In the end, it's all personal preference and there's no FE that does everything right (yet anyway) I think the best thing that has come out of HyperSpin is RocketLauncher (can be used for multiple FE's, so if you can set up RL, you can set up HS, so it's not as complicated as it's made out to be) and of course all it's media! Wheels (game logo images), various box/art/cd sets and other artwork that might've not been there if HS wasn't throwing all that eye candy in your face - like it or not - and of course some more recruits for this humble site right here
  15. Well, I think ripping is a bit much. I mean, I hate it when ppl rip my work and use it as if they created it themselves (especially when they put it on a drive and sell it). All in all, I just make stuff to have people use it. Maybe some stuff is copied, some is inspired, but it's what we humans do, progress through copying with some changes. It's how we learn, it's how evolution works, it's how we progress. In the end we just want awesome stuff we can use. Though the usage of HS themes as vids might seem like blatant ripping, I see it as an homage to what HS has achieved. Another point can be made that HS is ripping off MaximusArcade, go back far enough and we shoud've just stuck with the 1st FE ever, the rest are just copycats xD
  16. What happened to these? I can only find the titles & snaps, but not the vids (480p nor 240p)
  17. I'll be requesting a few more once I complete my current pc game theme set for HS.
  18. I'll be requesting a few more once I complete my current pc game theme set for HS.
  19. Thanks to all involved, much appreciated!
  20. There´s a new version of HS about to drop, which has some new features people requested after experiencing them in other FE´s like GameEX. Like a new search function. HS is far from finished and a continually evolving FE. We´re out of the water, but not standing up yet Let´s just hope all these new features, graphical styles won´t become overwhelming! My goal is to have 2 versions of HS. One in it´s standard flashy style with all possible eye candy for on a cab & one clean cut XBMC style version for on a htpc. I´ll refrain from posting the whole list of changes, so here´s a link: http://www.hyperspin...ead.php?t=10128 Maybe give it a try if you still have your HS setup saved back somewhere.
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