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MS-Dos Videos (ExoDOS)


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Hi , i've uploaded on ftp /_Video Snap Submissions/hypermachine based from ExoDOS games.


5175 videos slideshow in 480p and mp4

Slideshow duration = around 40 sec

Slideshow numbers of screenshots = between 2 and 9

Slideshow full pack Size = 3,2 Go


I know that it's not the conventional movie snaps required but for the moment there's only 150 "normal" videos on MS-Dos ftp.

I'm sure that this package can help those that prefer have more than 1 screenshot for their presentation.

For those that use hyperspin i've also uploded MS-DOS database on same ftp folder .



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THANK YOU! OMG I was searching for this! I wish I could download this using Emumovies DSU

I will get them added

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EXO DOS is an awesome pack! I downloaded it all when pleasuredome had the free 12 days. Exo is a great man, thank you so much hypermachine

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Hi , i've added last 10 missing videos slideshow :


B.I.G. (1997)

BipBop II (1993)

Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego (1993)

Discworld 2 - Missing Presumed (1996)

Night Trap (1994)

Police Quest 4 - Open Season (1993)

Sentient (1997)

Super Solvers Spellbound (1993)

Town With No Name (1993)

Troll's Tale (1984)


and updated 2 of them :


Shogi Master (1991)

Total Control Football (1996)


(see last modif on ftp)


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hi, great pack. could you tell me how you made these. I tried the same for a c64 and cpc set but had no luck

my main problem is how you get ffmpeg to use a sequence of files with different names. ie

bond01,bond02 ect

shrek01,shrek02 ect

can this be done in batch

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I don't find the files any more on FTP? where are they?

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