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  1. I used the sq intro ones on my retrofe setup and they worked fine.
  2. View File OpenBOR Logos Playform and Game Logos for OpenBOR Submitter dougan78 Submitted 11/18/2016 Category Artwork Resolution Credits Aorin, dougan78 Naming Convention HyperBase File Count 223  
  3. Version 1.0


    Playform and Game Logos for OpenBOR
  4. That would be epic
  5. Did you make a support ticket? Best way to get help for issues like this afaik.. Good luck.
  6. Dime this will be a hypersync thing baddie will need to fix on hs side afaik.
  7. That is true but, plenty to be had: They all look the same to me. Anyway. There is one with the screen cut out for vids. Cheers!
  9. I wouldnt sell yourself short. Videos, carts, 2d covers, 3d covers, manuals. Alot more than just vids! for hyperspin or any front end
  10. You probably want to check the hyperspin ftp and forum for hyperspin stuff. Good luck.
  11. If only that would work for all the ocd peoples. Ha ha!
  12. Congrats no more movie updates for a while