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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Set of 74 Sega Mark III 2D Box Art.
  2. View File Sega Mark III 2D Box Art Set of 74 Sega Mark III 2D Box Art. Submitter Styphelus Submitted 05/27/2020 Category Box Submissions Resolution 1200 x 1650 Naming Total Files in Collection 74 File Count 74  
  3. Watched the video and still have no idea what this is for.
  4. This is a rocketlauncher feature, not Hyprspin specific. I use this with Launchbox/BigBox. Thanks for the tutorial. You're tutorials are always great. I set this up years ago and completely forgot how to do it again.
  5. I have 2 Xbox360 wired controllers. I have a black and a white one so I know which is player 1 and player 2. I really don't like wireless controllers. Wired is always reliable and ready to go.
  6. It's been 6 months since I reported this file as not working. It's still not working. Does anyone know where this can be downloaded?
  7. Launchbox has a built in PDF reader for PDF manuals already.
  8. Is there a 2D set as well? I can't seem to find one anywhere.
  9. Are you trying to add scanlines to your emulators that don't have scanline support? If so, and if you use rocketlauncher, you can add scanlines to any of the systems that support bezels. It basically adds a transparent png file with scanlines over top of the emulator window.
  10. Is pack 3 available somewhere? The zip file link doesn't seem to work. All I get is a file with 0 kb.
  11. This one is an ugly one...what was Panasonic thinking? If I come across a nicer MSX2 box, I'll re-create it but it seems this was the most popular MSX2 model from what I've been reading.
  12. You're welcome. I'll be posting new ones from now in the forum section linked below. I added a new one for the MSX. I'll post them as I add new systems to my setup. Note that the quality depends on the availability of what i can find. Hard to believe that you can't find any decent photos or scans of the boxes anywhere. I'm playing with the idea of adding video clips to them but that would mean making changes to the original look of the boxes. We'll see... There;
  13. Ok, I posted them for you https://emumovies.com/files/file/3480-console-computer-and-arcade-system-boxes/ I'm working on more. For now you have 75 different systems. Hope you like them.
  14. View File Console, Computer and Arcade System Boxes 75 Console, Computer and Arcade system boxes recreated to look as close to the real thing as possible. These were meant to replace system videos in front ends such as Launchbox/Bigbox. They are 1920x1080 in size. Submitter Styphelus Submitted 09/21/2018 Category Box Submissions  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    75 Console, Computer and Arcade system boxes recreated to look as close to the real thing as possible. These were meant to replace system videos in front ends such as Launchbox/Bigbox. They are 1920x1080 in size.
  16. You mean like this https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/43107-styphelus-platform-boxes/ Yes, I had a whole pack done (60+boxes) and posted them in the launchbox forums. They were all done from scratch at 1920x1080 resolution and took me months to do. There are no pristine images of console boxes that I could find. They all had to be replicated, down to the same fonts. I took them down from the Lunchbox forum because a known video maker started taking my work and claiming it as his own. Instead of protecting the work of art creators, the mods gave me a warning for complaining and told me all I do is move logos around and can't claim ownership of the work. I even overlayed my work with the other guys work and the 2 aligned perfectly but they didn't care. They showed no respect for the months of work I put in. Too bad because I actually like their software and wanted to contribute to the community there. Never had any issues like that while at the Hyperspin forums. Everyone there was respectful of other people's work. I'm currently adding gameplay videos to the whole pack. Might take a while to finish them off. I can post what I have here at Emumovies if Circo is interested.
  17. That's what Rocketlauncher and Xpadder are for. All my emulators exit the same way - combo key press and hold on the controller.
  18. Breakout on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, way back in 1983.
  19. I feel like this poll should be restarted given how much steam Launchbox has picked up in the last few months. A lot of us voted for a different front end back in March or April and have made the switch recently. At least we should be given the option to change our vote. Clicking on voting options and voting for something else does not change the vote count.
  20. For the last 2 weeks since my last post I've been really working on Lunchbox and I'm really liking it. I think this will become my new front end. Hyperspin is supposed to be under new development so I'll see what they come up with. In the meantime it's all Launchbox for me now. Unfortunately I can't go back and change my vote.
  21. Am I the only one who doesn't like these Cinematic themes? They have no consistency and are all over the place.
  22. I'm still using Hyperspin but have been playing around with Launchbox lately. Launchbox looks nice, however it really lack the customization that Hyperspin offers and is heavily dependent on cover art. Not to mention it keeps changing all the time. I may look into RetroFE as well. If they came up with a theme editor, that FE might be the new king. Then again, I hear rumors that a new version of Hyperspin might be here soon so who knows. I'm just going to focus on finalizing all my systems and getting them to run properly for now.
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