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By Circo

Nintendo Switch Video Snaps Updated (3,520 Videos)

Today we dropped some new video snaps for the Nintendo Switch. The set is now at 3,520 videos covering hopefully most of what people need. There is an almost unlimited amount of games (shovelware) for this system.  I think the total is now somewhere north of 16,000 games in the library. So here is what we are asking, if you are still missing some videos for installed games or find an error, please let us know in the EmuMovies request section on the forums and we can prioritize those videos on the next round. 
Here is the list of whats available now.
[File List] EmuMovies Nintendo Switch Video Snaps (EM 0.3).txt
Videos are now available via EmuMovies Sync and on our FTP server in HD and HQ formats
By Circo

Nintendo 3DS Video Snaps Updated (73 New Videos)

Happy Easter Everyone!  We have an update for the Nintendo 3DS today, version 1.1.  73 new video snaps havce been added bringing the full set to 583 video snaps.  Big thanks to @RLBradders26 and @drewby for helping out with the recordings.  Video Snaps are currently available via EmuMovies Sync and the EmuMovies FTPs.  Videos are in HD and HQ versions. 
Our next release has been cooking for awhile, we are working towards are first big Nintendo Switch video snaps release.  Progress is being uploaded every couple of days to the FTPs and 1.0 should be ready by the end of April.  Feel free to take a peek if you are curious.
Download directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD & HQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD & HQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed   (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook
By Circo

Sony Playstation 3 Video Snaps Update

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Wanted to take a minute and share the progress on this years big project.  Today I uploaded another 250 videos and we are now over the 80% mark.  As it currently stands we have recorded and edited 1683/2048 Video Snaps and should finish in Q1 2024.  To make this set the team here used 2 PS3's to capture cards.  Currently all released videos are ready to download via EmuMovies Sync and the EmuMovies FTP in HD and HQ formats.
If you would like to check our progress here is a link to the google sheet
Download directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD & HQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (D & HQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed   (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord  
By Circo

Microsoft Windows (PC Games) Video Snaps Updated (979 Videos)

Happy to announce that our library of video snaps for Microsoft Windows has increased by 979 new videos bringing the set to 6,844 video snaps in total.  These were all user submissions, trimmed as needed and audio levels normalized. Thanks go out to users @kim_sama98, @ray572, @sebas78, @wiggles, @rubee64, @SonofBeast, @CasperH & @Henstra1989 as well as some anonymous submissions.   Videos are available on the EmuMovies FTP and EmuMovies Sync.
(File List) Microsoft Windows (Video Snaps)(EM 1.6).txt
By Circo

Nintendo 64 Video Snaps Updated to v1.7 (33 New Videos)

Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for a new update to our Nintendo 64 Video Snap collection.  This update contains 33 new videos bringing the complete video snap set to 413 video snaps.  High Quality video snaps can be downloaded through EmuMovies Sync or the FTP and Standard Quality is available on the Website, EmuMovies Sync and FTP.
What's New (Version 1.7) (33 Videos) @DamnedRegistrations 
64 de Hakken!! Tamagotchi - Minna de Tamagotchi World (Japan).mp4
64 Hanafuda - Tenshi no Yakusoku (Japan).mp4
AI Shougi 3 (Japan).mp4
Bakushou Jinsei 64 - Mezase! Resort Ou (Japan).mp4
Bass Rush - ECOGEAR PowerWorm Championship (Japan).mp4
Chameleon Twist (Japan) (Translated En).mp4
Custom Robo V2 (Japan).mp4
Derby Stallion 64 (Japan).mp4
Goemon - Mononoke Sugoroku (Japan).mp4
Hamster Monogatari 64 (Japan).mp4
Heiwa Pachinko World 64 (Japan).mp4
Ide Yosuke no Mahjong Juku (Japan).mp4
Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 Kettei Ban! (Japan).mp4
J.League Tactics Soccer (Japan).mp4
Jikkyou G1 Stable (Japan).mp4
Jinsei Game 64 (Japan).mp4
Kiratto Kaiketsu! 64 Tanteidan (Japan).mp4
Mahjong 64 (Japan).mp4
Mahjong Hourouki Classic (Japan).mp4
Morita Shougi 64 (Japan).mp4
Nushi Tsuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte (Japan).mp4
Nushi Tsuri 64 (Japan).mp4
Onegai Monsters (Japan).mp4
Pachinko 365 Nichi (Japan).mp4
Parlor! Pro 64 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation Game (Japan).mp4
PD Ultraman Battle Collection 64 (Japan).mp4
Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono 64 - Jansou Battle ni Chousen (Japan).mp4
Robot Poncots 64 - 7tsu no Umi no Caramel (Japan).mp4
Saikyou Habu Shougi (Japan).mp4
SimCity 2000 (Japan).mp4
Super Mario Bros. 64 (Hack).mp4
Super Robot Taisen 64 (Japan).mp4
Yakouchuu II - Satsujin Kouro (Japan).mp4
(File List) Nintendo 64 (Video Snaps)(EM 1.7).txt
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SQ | Sony PlayStation 2 | Video Snaps Pack | Other 1.5

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8 Screenshots

About This File

EmuMovies Official Video Snap Pack for the Sony PlayStation 2 (Japan)

High Definition - FTP & Sync

High Quality - FTP & Sync

Standard Quality - Site, FTP & Sync

Captures & Edits By  @Circo @Audi85

Final Edits & Encoding by @Circo


[File List] Sony Playstation 2 (Video Snaps)(Redump)(EM 1.5).txt

High Definition

(FTP & Sync) | (WIP)



 Frame Rate  60/50
 Audio Rate  192 kbit/s
 File Count 164
 Total Size 2.3 GB

High Quality

(FTP & Sync)



 Frame Rate  60/50
 Audio Rate  192 kbit/s
 File Count 171
 Total Size 1.16 GB

Standard Quality

(Site, FTP & Sync)



 Frame Rate  30/25
 Audio Rate  128 kbit/s
 File Count 171
 Total Size 427 MB

What's New in Version 1.5


  • Updated naming to latest ReDump naming standard | @Circo
  • Added/Replaced 141 Video Snaps (Other) | @Circo
  • New Videos version 1.5 (Other)
  • Action Replay Ultimate Cheats for Medal of Honor - Frontline (UK) (Unl).mp4
  • AFL Live 2003 (Australia).mp4
  • AFL Live 2004 (Australia) (v2.01).mp4
  • AFL Live Premiership Edition (Australia).mp4
  • AFL Live Premiership Edition (Australia) .mp4
  • AFL Premiership 2005 (Australia).mp4
  • AFL Premiership 2006 (Australia).mp4
  • AFL Premiership 2007 (Australia).mp4
  • Australian Idol Sing (Australia).mp4
  • Axel Impact - The Extreme Racing (Korea).mp4
  • BDFL Manager 2002 (Germany).mp4
  • BDFL Manager 2003 (Germany).mp4
  • BDFL Manager 2004 (Germany).mp4
  • BDFL Manager 2005 (Germany).mp4
  • Buzz! Brain of Oz (Australia).mp4
  • Buzz! Brain of Switzerland (Switzerland) (Fr,De,It).mp4
  • Buzz! Brain of the UK (UK).mp4
  • Buzz! Brain of the World (Scandinavia) (En,Sv,Fi).mp4
  • Buzz! Das grosse Quiz (Germany).mp4
  • Buzz! Das Mega-Quiz (Germany).mp4
  • Buzz! Das Sport-Quiz (Germany).mp4
  • Buzz! De Slimste van Nederland (Belgium, Netherlands) (En,Fr,Nl) g.mp4
  • Buzz! El Gran Concurso de Deportes (Spain).mp4
  • Buzz! El Gran Reto (Spain).mp4
  • Buzz! El Mega Concurso (Spain).mp4
  • Buzz! Escuela de Talentos (Spain).mp4
  • Buzz! Hollywood Leffavisa (Finland).mp4
  • Buzz! Il Quizzone Nazionale (Italy).mp4
  • Buzz! Il Superquiz (Italy).mp4
  • Buzz! Le Plus Malin des Francais (France).mp4
  • Buzz! Le Quiz du Sport (France).mp4
  • Buzz! O Quiz Desportivo (Portugal).mp4
  • Buzz! Pop Quiz (Finland).mp4
  • Buzz! Sporttivisa (Finland).mp4
  • Cart Kings (India) (En,Hi).mp4
  • Club Football - Borussia Dortmund (Germany).mp4
  • Club Football - Hamburger SV (Germany).mp4
  • Club Football 2005 - Borussia Dortmund (Germany).mp4
  • Club Football 2005 - Hamburger SV (Germany).mp4
  • Dance-UK (UK).mp4
  • Dance-UK eXtra Trax (UK).mp4
  • Dance-UK XL (UK).mp4
  • Dance-UK XL Lite (UK).mp4
  • Dance-UK XL Party (UK).mp4
  • Desi Adda - Games of India (India) (En,Hi,Pa,Ta).mp4
  • Downhill Racer (Korea).mp4
  • FIFA Football 2002 (Spain) (En,De,Es,Nl,Sv).mp4
  • FightBox (UK).mp4
  • Football Manager Campionato 2002 (Italy).mp4
  • Football Manager Campionato 2003 (Italy).mp4
  • Football Manager Campionato 2004 (Italy).mp4
  • Football Manager Campionato 2005 (Italy).mp4
  • Ford Street Racing XR Edition (Australia).mp4
  • Frankie Dettori Racing (Australia).mp4
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - Dream Carnival (Korea).mp4
  • Gran Turismo Concept - 2002 Tokyo-Seoul (Korea) (v2.00).mp4
  • Gunbird - Premium Package (Korea).mp4
  • Junk TV (UK) (Unl).mp4
  • Mahjong Party - Gen Shuizhe Meinue Dajiquan (Asia).mp4
  • Paris-Marseille Racing II (France).mp4
  • Que Pasa Neng! El Videojuego (Spain).mp4
  • Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005 (Australia).mp4
  • Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 (Australia).mp4
  • RTL Skispringen 2003 (Germany) (En,De).mp4
  • RTL Skispringen 2004 (Germany) (En,De).mp4
  • RTL Skispringen 2005 (Germany) (En,De).mp4
  • RTL Skispringen 2006 (Germany) (En,De).mp4
  • RTL Skispringen 2007 (Germany) (En,De).mp4
  • RTL Winter Sports 2008 - The Ultimate Challenge (Germany) (En,De).mp4
  • Rugby League (Australia).mp4
  • SingStar Afrikaanse Treffers (South Africa).mp4
  • SingStar Apres-Ski Party (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Apres-Ski Party 2 (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Best of Disney (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Canciones Disney (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Cancoes Disney (Portugal).mp4
  • SingStar Cantautori Italiani (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Chart Hits (Australia).mp4
  • SingStar Chartbreaker (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Clasicos (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Deutsch Rock-Pop (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Deutsch Rock-Pop Vol. 2 (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Die groessten Solokuenstler (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Die Toten Hosen (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar e la Magia Disney (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar ESKA - Hity na Czasie (Poland).mp4
  • SingStar Fussballhits (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Italian Greatest Hits (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Italian Party (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Italian Party 2 (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Kent (Sweden).mp4
  • SingStar La Edad de Oro del Pop Espanol (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Legendat (Finland).mp4
  • SingStar Made in Germany (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Mallorca Party (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Mecano (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Miliki (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Morangos com Acucar (Portugal).mp4
  • SingStar Norsk pa Norsk (Norway).mp4
  • SingStar Norske Hits (Norway).mp4
  • SingStar NRJ Music Tour (France).mp4
  • SingStar Operacion Triunfo (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Party Hits (Australia).mp4
  • SingStar Patito Feo (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Polskie Hity (Poland).mp4
  • SingStar Polskie Hity 2 (Poland).mp4
  • SingStar Pop 2009 (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Pop Hits - 40 Principales (Spain).mp4
  • SingStar Pop Hits 2 (France).mp4
  • SingStar Pop Hits 3 (France).mp4
  • SingStar Pop Hits 4 (France).mp4
  • SingStar Popworld (UK).mp4
  • SingStar Portugal Hits (Portugal).mp4
  • SingStar Radio 105 (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Rocks! TMF (Netherlands).mp4
  • SingStar Rocks! with RTE 2fm (Ireland).mp4
  • SingStar Russian Hit (Russia).mp4
  • SingStar Schlager (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar Sjung med Disney (Sweden).mp4
  • SingStar Studio 100 (Netherlands).mp4
  • SingStar SuomiHitit (Finland).mp4
  • SingStar SuomiPop (Finland).mp4
  • SingStar SuomiRock (Finland).mp4
  • SingStar SuomiSuosikit (Finland).mp4
  • SingStar Svenska Hits (Sweden).mp4
  • SingStar Svenska Hits Schlager (Sweden).mp4
  • SingStar Svenska Stjaernor (Sweden).mp4
  • SingStar Syng med Disney (Denmark).mp4
  • SingStar The Dome (Germany).mp4
  • SingStar The Wiggles (Australia).mp4
  • SingStar top.it (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Vasco (Italy).mp4
  • SingStar Wakacyjna Impreza! (Poland).mp4
  • SingStar Zingt met Disney (Netherlands).mp4
  • Street Cricket Champions (India).mp4
  • Street Cricket Champions 2 (India).mp4
  • This Is Football - Segye Choegang Chukgu 2003 (Korea).mp4
  • This Is Soccer 2004 (Australia).mp4
  • V8 Supercars Australia - Race Driver (Australia) (v2.00).mp4
  • V8 Supercars Australia 3 (Australia).mp4
  • Yoshitsune Eiyuuden Shura - The Story of Hero Yoshitsune Shura (Asia).mp4


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