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  1. This is awesome!! I'm guessing this was recorded with the DMG shader for Retroarch?
  2. Audi85

    PS2 SQ movies issue

    Thanks for the list!
  3. Audi85

    PS2 SQ movies issue

    I'm working on lots more US releases for ps2, including all the games with a not working video currently
  4. I've uploaded materials for these games, circo will get to them eventually
  5. Audi85

    Commodore 64 Video's

    I've been making new C64 snaps that I'll be submitting to Circo soon.
  6. Audi85

    PS1 Missing Videos

    I'm doing recording of missing games or needed updates console by console (though I usually check Damned's folder to avoid double up) and I submitted over 100 captures of PS1 games that circo is currently going through.