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By Circo

Sony PlayStation 2 Game Manuals Updated (v.1.2)

We have a nice update to the Sony PlayStation 2 Game Manuals Pack.  Thanks to members @FillerFillerNoMi, @Holy_Lightning & @amberdawnn30 there are now 28 more manuals in the collection.
Version 1.2
Added 28 Manuals @FillerFillerNoMi @Holy_Lightning @amberdawnn30

3D Arcade, The return

3D Arcade, a return
Back in the in the early 2003/ 2004 I found a 3D style front-end called 3D Arcade. I found it while surfing through Mameworld during this period. This is before Emumovies and the some of the better front-end existed. This is before Hyperspin, GameEX, Mgalaxy, Launchbox, so this is a long time ago. I have somewhat of a love hate relationship with this front-end because it was a nightmare to setup. The instructions described making gamelists a playlist of playlists ( yeah, it didn't make sense to me either.) But that wasn't why I downloaded it. when setup with all the arcade (which took an age because you had to download the individually and there were something like 400 plus different game models but it also, presented everything from arcades to pinballs and even decent recreations of old consoles. If you ran the exhibition location, you were greeted to a masterful location which you simply walk around the arcade where you see different rendered cabinets which when done right look fantastic. 
So, Why am I going on about something so old. Maybe I am a little nostalgic about this old system. Well it appears that this relic is being resurrected, Thanks in part to )p( and Skurdt over on the forums. This started with )p( wanting to learn Unity for his son so he could teach him the basics (his son is 13 so he is the right age to learn this stuff). I literally popped in to see if the project was still going and a new section saying 3d Arcade in unity greeted me. So this sparked my curiosity. So far they released a limited build with some basic groundwork for possibly a better version. While Unity has its own limitations its not as bad as directors with some paid extras that enabled it to work. So what have they done so far. surprisingly quite a bit for a preview build. But my main issues with this are the UI needs to be a lot more user friendly and a decent tutorial because the last was was very confusing with phases like "a playlist of playlists"
But the positives are a decent jukebox setup if configured right 
The pro's if this is pulled off
Decent maps with a possibly a chance to edit the cabinet setups 
A way to incorporate new innovations like online play and a change to share 
I will be looking at his project a lot more closely as a resurrected front-end from the past is coming back
Anyways if you want to help out visit here
If there any modeler that could help with creating some of the updated cabinets, any help would be greatly appreciated 
anyways just a quick one , anyways this is jackhammersalm signing off

Flashback Challenge

Finally I return to writing and this one is a doozy. Something has been bothering me for a while now and here I finally lay down my point of view with the state of gaming and retrogaming in general, grab your popcorn because I feel like a rant because I am in one of those moods.
Flashback Challenge!
First off, I play most of my retrogames on emulation Because Collecting old consoles, carts and CD can be impractical due to space and Practicality of the tech breaking down over time and abuse. While old arcade machines find new life in specialised places which respect their heritage *cough* Arcade Club *cough*. Even the traveling circus of the replay events show us old arcade games have a part in the history of gaming. Even some of todays practices are based on the old nickel and diming of hard arcade games which ramped up the difficulty in order to get you to part with your money. Back then, it wasn't considered egregious for you to continue your games or simply play one more games. Recently, however, Lady Decade asked in one of her recent videos, Is emulation ethical.
That simple question has been a very grey area for years. Nintendo being one of the biggest culprits for copyright trolling. Nintendo has been trying for years to control the narrative in terms of their gaming history for years. But why, have they no interest in celebrating their history from the humble beginings, starting with their game and watch series followed with the first stab at the home console market with the Nes and the Collection of games that do with it followed by their foray into the 16 bit market with the SNES Then every console that followed it. Nintendo didn't always make good decisions, Well without Nintendo ditching the CD add on that sony was developing we wouldn't have the Sony Playstation. Without these mistakes we wouldn't have had the innovations we got during the 90's.
But let's get back to the arcade, Nintendo have had a few but not as many as you think, But companies like Atari, Namco Konami, Taito, Data East, Irem, SNK and Technos ruled the roost during this time. (Jack, What are you on about, get to the point rather than just prattling around). I loved the arcades during my childhood and whenever I went to one, it was an experience than just sitting in front of a screen with a controller. As I got older and Technology got better for the home console market, Arcades became more redundant over time because it was difficult to compete with with something that looked just as got as the arcade. In the late 90's (late '96 early '97. I was at university at the time) I learned about emulation in which I could play old arcade games on a PC. My first foray into arcade emulation was Nemesis.
MAME was just a Make Trax/ Crush Roller emulator at this time and slowly turned into a multi-pac emulator (This is before MAME was a thing). Multi emulators were few and far between (emulation really started to kick off around '99 to '00). An early multi emulator was Sparcade. This provided the building blocks towards an actual working frontend emulator. Finding Roms back then wasn't difficult but were limited, due to sporadic Rom dumps to bland and basic websites (no real effort, it was a simple link to files and that was it geocities was the most common site used for the early Rom dump days) but times were simpler as emulation was in its infancy. It got me thing about all the games I used to play during my youth. Finding Roms and the emulator to play them grew more interesting as MAME became more powerful with more Roms were supported.
I played on a console even owning and original Playstation and a Playstation 2 during a period of 5 years while slowly transitioning to PC during my first year of working full time during 2003. My taste returned to old arcade classics. I asked questions over the years, with the bonus of unlimited credits by simply pressing a number on the keyboard helped me complete a lot of old games I loved during my youth but I also found the controls on these old games when using a keyboard, a lot more floaty than I remember. It was the old analogue vs the digital factor because there were certain games that required sensitive movements (like driving games with use of a steering wheel). Later version of MAME (or more to the point MAMEUI back then it was mame32 included a cross-hair for shooting games and mouse support to cover the trackball games. One of those shooting games which required the cross-hair which I loved during my youth was 1987's operation wolf. This particular game was truly hard during my youth with the unique controls. While playing it through emulation, while still fun but a lot easier to complete. it didn't feel like the experience I remember. While I did have this game on the spectrum and there was a cross-hair on that, you expected the trade off on a home computer.
But then again, The experience of operation wolf to me was actually quite, given the controller for this particular arcade was an Uzi 9mm with limited swivel and simple up and down motion a trigger and a small red button on the side that fired the rocket and it was a challenge to play. That experience stays with you as well, being a fan of both Rambo and Commando which were 2 staples of 80's entertainment I consumed when this game hit arcades. While this game help produce 2 sequels (one being operation Thunderbolt which added a second player and operation wolf 3 which changed the semi realistic uzi to a more generic gun controller, ironically the same gun controller was used for the arcade classic Space Gun but I always go back to operation wolf, but why. 6 levels, an single energy bar and a limited ammunition on a single credit. The challenge is seeing how far you could get on said credit with the kicker being the second level and the massive difficulty spike which many people put more credits in to get past it (Japanese version has a different view in which you do the first 4 missions in any order but the chances of being spotted increased until you took out the communications setup but the western version of the game has the spotted sequence as a random event). This is before consoles and computers gave a rivaling experience to the arcade.
When I was a child, games were a fun thing to play for a while and you loaded the next one you you had, compared to today where games are just another commodity to bet on, Games companies today, have lost sight of what got them there. They try justifying every decision they make not to the consumer but to the investors, which seems silly. The problem with such an endeavor is the lack of risk companies are willing to take because the primary focus of an investor is the expect growth on their investment. Here, in my honest opinion, lies the problem. The home market is not the same as the old arcade counterpart in which people put stupid amounts money into wooden boxes which played the favourite games and there were a lot of them.
(looks back at his hyperspin list)
Seeing the history,Being subject to the whims of investors makes you wonder why games companies are subjecting many end users to stupid pay to win scams to the unskilled or the can't be arsed player in order to get them to be badass. The term 'get gud' comes to mind . I love gaming but I don't have the time to grind like I used to but I rarely have the time to grind like i used to but I rarely buy said power ups because it takes away half the fun of playing.
Another component that annoys players today is the always online playm which is subject to another form of DRM which has been proven to be completely pointless. (Jack, you are going off track again).
OK, OK I will get to the point, playing old games via emulation sparks a question, not is it ethical to emulate games but is there a point to play something that takes a speed runner something like 20 minutes to complete (meaning no stops and finishing it in the shortest time possible so no detours). Emulation is a nice thing because now I can play everything from pinball machines (digital versions of classic pinball machines, while not the same does provide a wealth of entertainment because without it you have to find the tables, most of which are difficult to find in today's arcades or if you wanted to own said pinball machine, you need to find it maintain it and trust me those things are heavy) to the simple game and watch LCD machines which in some aspect are even harder to find in good condition. But still with all the modern games I have (my last steam library is 295 and I have not played about 3 quarters of the list) but I still go back to games like operation wolf, robocop, shinobi and Atari's star wars. technically you can get away with robocop and shinobi because you can stick the PCB for these games into a generic arcade cabinet and they will function just fine.
4 famous games of the 80's

But the other 2 however not so much I have already mentioned the particular feature of operation wolf with the controller being shaped in the form of an UZI 9mm sub machine gun. Atari's star wars arcade main feature was which was different compared to the generic arcade was the fact it used a yoke controller shaped like a futuristic steering wheel with fire buttons and the up and down axis were reversed, on emulation you simply used the keyboard or for a better experience, use the mouse. When you emulate something, you may preserve the game but you don't preserve the experience you had during your youth. Hence why we have events where people started to bring original hardware to these places. Having been to NERG back in 2014 and PLAY EXPO last year with a friend. I understood what gaming was again. Something big business seems to have forgotten nowadays. I think the only game that marries the old school feel with today's capabilities would be Studio MDHR's cuphead. This game simply puts old school animation from the 30's and 40's then adds the classic mechanics of side on shoot em ups like contra and sidearms. This could be simply put in an arcade and money would just hit home. while the home version is simply a boss rush game with unlimited lives. but even putting it in a cabinet would work question would be if you were to monetize this in an arcade, how would go about playing with one credit (either a time limit per level or the simple 3 lives factor). This would attract a lot of people.
Remember you could play all your favorite arcade games back in the 90's it was called the Sega Saturn. Here lies the second problem and Sega biggest failing. Sega back in the 80's and 90's were a solid arcade developer but were slow on the uptake of the home console market, While the Master system, Megadrive (genesis in the US due to legal reasons) and the gamegear were more of a response to Nintendo at the time. This is a secondary market for Sega as they raked in all their cash from arcades. But as the consoles became more powerful, their arcade division became less important. Sega had some of the most legendary developers under their banner like Yu Suzuki (creator of Outrun, afterburner and shenmue). The Sega Saturn was a marvel of a machine with a lot of arcade ports but it had one major problem, The Sony Playstation, the upstart console as result of Nintendo's major screw up by getting cold feet with its CD add-on when the Sega Mega CD failed, (well I would call it a failure because it had some iconic games) so that alone doesn't make it a complete failure or the fact their games get remastered (night trap). you would not have got the Sony Playstation if it was for Nintendo. It was the right console sold at the right place at the right time. Boasting a 20 game launch line up including the iconic wipeout (granted it was out on the Saturn but it was better on the Playstation) being a launch title. This system hit the ground running while Nintendo were working on their ultra64  setups with one game already using the hardware in the arcade (crusin' USA) followed by Killer Instinct. The mid 90's was an interesting for me (I used to hang around a game shops) as I saw games on consoles that were sublime and the tat that could rivals Ashen's tat (I swear Ashen's looks for such useless crap, just to gloat to simply say I have more tat than you). Back in mid to late 90's, we had it really good when it came to content. Finished games that were brilliant, if not they were slammed HARD! Back when games review meant something. Not like nowadays when  you see a game with a high rating then you discover you have been duped by a review copy which tends to feature stuff to get better rating (as proven in Black op 4 recently with a patch).
This article is turning more into a rant than just an article about games but the honest answer is this question has been eating up for a while now and Lady Decade finally brought out something, I have meaning to ask myself but in a different way because experiences are different. If may not be ethical in terms of copyright law but in terms preserving the past, I say within reason. There are unwritten rules within the emulation scene which many people break because they can. What these idiots don't realize they shine shine a light on the rest of us and that doesn't help. Right now, for me, experiences are everything nothing changes that with a traditional joystick and hard buttons vs playing with a hand controller which digital controls which doesn't translate well in some games, for instance driving games on an old controller was really a challenge because when you pressed left on a controller, you would careened said left into the nearest barrier rather than simply lightly going left. Another gerne that has been sort of rectified with the invention of the twin stick controller are said games with twin sticks (Games like Yie Ar Kung FU, Smash TV and Karate Champ). During these times, Controls varied from game to game whereas now, there is uniformity towards game controls. It's interesting how certain games win a generation of gaming with their scheme (perfect example, case in point in point street fighter 2) perfected the simple game control of light, medium and heavy attacks from punches and kicks.
While that control scheme dominated for a couple of years, another arcade simplified that control to just light and heavy attacks but added a block button as opposed to pressing back (like in street fighter), that game was the ESRB creating Mortal Kombat. This is when everyone started to prefect the art of joystick juggling (even me with scorpion I was semi unbeatable with the cheap combo of a roundhouse kick and a leg sweep but the infamous onw of the harpoon, upppercut, teleport combo which was a bastard to counter if you were on the receiving end of it. The fighting game had hit a new high because one on one combat was a solid win and you could play with a friend (I would normally lose because 9 times out 10 they were clearly better than me). But then you would have controllers that were more obscure like the tron controls. This was a dual control system because you have a full joystick with a fire button along with a spinner as well (to turn either your arm or the turret of the tank to take aim at enemies or pieces of the MCP). If you are a MAME completionist, next time you look at the extras, look at your control panel folder then see how many different controls methods. that is the experience you have playing a full arcade vs playing on a good computer.
Is it good to play these games still on an emulator, yes and no, yes because it brings back nostalgia of games played in a bygone age and no, because the experience is diminished by the experience of not playing it on original hardware? Console you can technically get away with because the control system is similar to that of a control pads while the arcades are more difficult to replicate. This brings me to another control method that was dumbed down for the PSP other consoles because it's control method was very obscure being the only had an up and down joystick, a button for thrust, a button for reverse, one for fire and another for bomb. I played an earlier version of MAME and the 4-way directional controller was implemented but as later versions of MAME pushed for a more faithful version of same game and that game was Defender, you found the controls were not what expected and was difficult to acclimate to on emulator. But these are the differences you don't notice on an emulator compared to a pull arcade cabinet. I'll be honest, |I have been in the scene over the past 20 years slowly commenting on the from retrogaming stand point which shows how old I am. Maybe i was spoilt for choice compared to today's gamers who more emphasis on graphics, style over substance. While the indie scene is booming, the big companies have sort of swindled because they be something they are not. A massive movie studio which provides interactive content. They forgot what games are. Perfect example is Electronic Arts (or unicronic arts if you use that phrase from the Jim Sterling which I actually agree with) back in the 90's they had licenses for everything movie, sport and had some good gaming development houses under their belts, But from 2005 onwards they have gone from reasonable publisher to one of the worst companies in America or the world by this point because they have consistently made mistake after mistake resulting in pissing off the fanbase (is this the gaming world or politics, right now I cannot tell the difference because they are more or less the same thing).
Their loot box fiasco with battlefront 2 which I warned against from the mement EA for the license from Lucasarts. EA has proven they have lost their way because they subject to the almighty investor which is not really a good sign, seeing they did have a huge back catalogue of games (including the god awful dark castle). But EA has gone from from being a company that produces games to a company that produces experiences and they manged to even get wrong because just by looking at battlefield V and the optics it created caused problems because it inserted Identity politics into a historically based game and that was forced onto the gaming industry but the SJW's who claim they are not represented. (Jack, go back on topic please, you are ranting about politics again :/). EA has had a couple of good ideas with indie developers over the past couple of years like A way out, which is an interesting concept and brilliant storytelling. Ideas like that are few and faw between. But it makes the problem with the gaming industry more prevalent. It's about the investors trying to find a get rich quick scheme from an unsuspecting player base which hasn't the time but the money just to skip certain aspects of the game.
That particluar player is not really a player but someone that's bored of just watching TV and just wants to kill a few minutes living a power fantasy (this exact case was the point behind the whole battlefront II debacle when a player got a super overpowered character like darth maul the buying of loot boxes rather than just playing the game). Purists (to a degree like myself)believe in the philosophy of progressing through a game to its natural conclusion in the process getting better at actually playing, unlocking content along the way. That was how we used to do it, Which leaves the question when did games companies get so greedy. Straight answer, When mobile phones started to become as powerful as computers and started to produce trashy games while simple to play had an inflated sense of difficulty in order to trick players into paying to pass certain levels. I think that's how it started  and with the introduction of CEO's, who sole philosophy is to find ways to cut corners and generate money (like getting blood out of a stone like the vampire's they are). This is when we started to see the dynamic shift games being just games to games being a live service. Games  started to appear less and less frequent and flagship brands were being bled out every year with less and less content in them or just to meet the deadline then sold later as DLC (Borderlines 2 had a stupid amount of DLC) or in an incomplete state  and playerbase that is understanding of the concept (Minecraft made its reputation while being very playable and had a fair amount of work to do also was work in progress or early access). These 2 games alone were animolies to the normal ways of things. The internet is both a gift and a curse because it provided a way out ofr developers to just put a game out the door without being tested or even checked of bugs.
Arcades were played for hours by people that built them, while the concepts were simple, they were also finished products. Unlike today, where a finished product is a broken buggy piece of crap that is glitched to all hell (see fallout '76 for this) I am technically scared to buy full priced games today. I may make one risk each year for a full  rpiced triple A product. Normally by skills of picking them pays off but there are times where I live to regret that decision (Aliens: Colonial Marines)
Games in general should be fun, Not grindy, boring chores which in order for you to enjoy, you need to pay extra after dropping an large amount of money to start with ($60 or £45 to £50 on the uk side). It worked in the arcades because we saw it as a challenge and we knew we were limited by the pile of coins in our hands which was eaten by the machines of the time one that said pile of coins was gone, we walked away. Nowaday, its either a credit card or digital currency (digital store currency). That limit is a little more obfuscated than before, blurring the lines and that's after you spend a stupic amount of money upfront. The problem with today's gaming industry is that it gone corporate which in turn has creativity out and now is driven by focus groups which consists of about a 100 random people which doesn't reflect much of anything. When the industry headed down this path, sooner or later the industry will implode and the publishers who only see the money will find that the bllod will be harder to suck out of the wallets of their player base. So they will go back to acyually creating more games or become extinct. (unicronic arts I am not sure there is a matrix of leadership big enough to stop that company from destroying anymore developers). These major publishers need to stop milking said cashcows to death and create more games. I really don't know what the future holds anymore for gaming.
That being said, who said retro doesn't sell. Just look at the nintendo classic and its various counterparts. While simply a way to engage with the uber nerds among us. It show, while cynical in their approach. There is a market for it and don't tell me they do not use emulation because they do. Perhaps I am becoming jaded when it comes to gaming in generalbut I know one thing. Emulation has shown hte beginnings of gaming and how how it has evoloved from the simple Pong all the way up to the remake Doom which was are make done right.
All I want in life is a good fun experience, something that pleases me, gives me genuine emotion and most of all something I truly enjoy. it seems games companies and consumers have differences of opinion here. So, I go back to emulation and enjoy games from a bygone era that were more complete than the crap we see today. This is jackhammersalm, finishing his article or rant and more than likely returning to an emulated game or going sleep in a corner. Either would help me right now.
By Circo

Sony PlayStation Portable Video Snaps Updated (v0.9.4)

It's been a few months so of course it's time to another update to the EmuMovies Sony Playstation Portable video snaps pack.  The version 0.9.4 update adds 252 new video snaps giving us a total of 901 videos for the system. Special thanks to @Lordik (111 Captures), @avaris (2 Captures) for assisting me @Circo (136 Captures) with this update.
(File List) Sony PSP (Video Snaps)(EM 0.9.4).txt (Missing) Sony PSP (Video Snaps)(EM 0.9.4).txt
Version 0.9.4
Added/Replaced 249 Videos Details:
Update your videos today
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By Circo

Sega Dreamcast Video Snaps Updated (v1.3)

Hello emulation fans, today we have an update for our Sega Dreamcast video snaps pack. This update includes 46 new video snaps bringing the set to 476 in total.  As always continue past the preview for details on exactly what has changed.
High Quality Sample
High Quality
(FTP, Sync)
Resolution 640x480 Video Count 476 Total Size 3.64GB Frame Rate 60 Audio 192 kbit/s Standard Quality
(Site, FTP, Sync)
Resolution 320x240 Video Count 476 Total Size 1.16GB Frame Rate 30 Audio 128 kbit/s  
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Sega Dreamcast 3D Box Pack - Japan (563) 1.0

   (0 reviews)

12 Screenshots

EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes for the Sega Dreamcast - Japan

Availability: Site, FTP & Sync

This is a complete collection of 563 3D Boxes for the Sega Dreamcast Japan Region.

@Aorin's XML is attached. Thanks for that Aorin!




18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (Japan).png
21 - Two One (Japan).png
Advanced Daisenryaku - Sturm ueber Europa - Der Deutsche Blitzkrieg (Japan).png
Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 (Japan) (Translated En).png
Aero Dancing F - Todoroki Tsubasa no Hatsu Hikou (Japan).png
Aero Dancing F (Japan).png
Aero Dancing featuring Blue Impulse (Japan).png
Aero Dancing i - Jikai-saku made Matemasen (Japan).png
Aero Dancing i (Japan).png
After... Wasureenu Kizuna (Japan).png
Aikagi - Hidamari to Kanojo no Heyagi (Japan).png
Air (Japan).png
AirForce Delta (Japan).png
Akihabara Dennou-gumi Pata Pies! (Japan).png
Angel Present (Japan).png
Angel Wish - Kimi no Egao ni Chu! (Japan).png
Animastar (Japan).png
Ao no 6-gou - Saigetsu Hito o Matazu - Time and Tide (Japan).png
Atsumare! Guru Guru Onsen (Japan).png
Atsumare! Guru Guru Onsen BB (Japan).png
Bakumatsu Roman Daini Maku - Gekka no Kenshi - Final Edition (Japan).png
Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (Japan).png
Baldr Force EXE (Japan).png
Bass Rush Dream - EcoGear PowerWorm Championship (Japan).png
Battle Beaster (Japan).png
Berserk - Millennium Falcon-hen - Wasurebana no Shou (Japan).png
BikkuriMan 2000 - Viva! Festiva! (Japan).png
Biohazard - Code - Veronica - Kanzenban (Japan) (Translated En) (Disc 1).png
Biohazard - Code - Veronica - Kanzenban (Japan) (Translated En) (Disc 2).png
Biohazard - Code - Veronica (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Biohazard - Code - Veronica (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Biohazard 3 - Last Escape (Japan).png
Black-Matrix Advanced (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Black-Matrix Advanced (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Blue Stinger (Japan).png
Blue-Sky-Blue - Sora o Mau Tsubasa (Japan).png
Bokomu no Tatsujin (Japan).png
Boku Doraemon (Japan).png
Boku no Tennis Jinsei (Japan).png
Boku to, Bokura no Natsu (Japan).png
Bomber Hehhe! (Japan).png
Border Down (Japan).png
Bounty Hunter Sara - Holy Mountain no Teiou (Japan).png
Broadband Passport (Japan).png
Buggy Heat (Japan).png
Cafe Little Wish (Japan).png
Canary - Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete (Japan).png
Candy Stripe - Minarai Tenshi (Japan).png
Canvas - Sepia Iro no Motif (Japan).png
Capcom Taisen Fan Disc (Japan) (Translated En).png
Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 (Japan).png
Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Japan).png
Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan).png
Card of Destiny - Hikari to Yami no Tougousha (Japan).png
Cardcaptor Sakura - Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen (Japan).png
Carrier (Japan).png
Carrier (USA).png
Castle Fantasia - Seima Taisen (Japan).png
Chaos Field (Japan).png
Charge 'N Blast (Japan).png
Cherry Blossom (Japan).png
Chocolat - Maid Cafe Curio (Japan).png
Chou Hatsumei Boy Kanipan - Bousou Robot no Nazo! (Japan).png
Choukou Senki Kikaioh (Japan).png
Choukou Senki Kikaioh for Matching Service (Japan).png
Chu-Chu Rocket! (Japan).png
Cleopatra Fortune (Japan).png
Climax Landers (Japan).png
Close To - Inori no Oka (Japan).png
Comic Party (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Comic Party (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Confidential Mission (Japan).png
Cool Boarders Burrrn! (Japan).png
Cool Cool Toon (Japan).png
Cosmic Smash (Japan).png
CR Hissatsu Shigotonin - Pachitte Chonmage @ VP@CHI (Japan).png
Crazy Taxi (Japan).png
Crazy Taxi 2 (Japan).png
Culdcept II (Japan).png
D+Vine [Luv] (Japan).png
D2 - D no Shokutaku 2 (Japan) (Disc 1).png
D2 - D no Shokutaku 2 (Japan) (Disc 2).png
D2 - D no Shokutaku 2 (Japan) (Disc 3).png
D2 - D no Shokutaku 2 (Japan) (Disc 4).png
D2 Shock (Japan).png
Dance Dance Revolution - Club Version - Dreamcast Edition (Japan).png
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix - Dreamcast Edition (Japan).png
Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi II - Tears of Eden Kanzenban (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi II - Tears of Eden Kanzenban (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi! Kanzenban (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi! Kanzenban (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Daytona USA 2001 (Japan).png
De La Jet Set Radio (Japan).png
Dead or Alive 2 (Japan).png
Death Crimson 2 (Japan).png
Death Crimson OX (Japan).png
Dejiko no Maibura (Japan).png
Dengen Tenshi Taisen Mahjong Shangri-La (Japan).png
Dennou Senki - Virtual-On - Oratorio Tangram (Japan).png
Denpa Shounen-teki Kenshou Seikatsu Soft - Nasubi no Heya (Japan).png
Densha de Go! 2 - Kousoku-hen 3000 Bandai (Japan).png
Derby Tsuku - Derby-ba o Tsukurou! (Japan) (Taikenban).png
Derby Tsuku - Derby-ba o Tsukurou! (Japan).png
Derby Tsuku 2 (Japan).png
deSPIRIA (Japan).png
Di Gi Charat Fantasy (Japan).png
Digital Keiba Shinbun - My Trackman (Japan).png
Dino Crisis (Japan).png
Doguu Senki - Haou (Japan).png
Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker Remix (Japan).png
Dousoukai 2 - Again & Refrain (Japan).png
Dynamite Deka 2 (Japan).png
Ecco the Dolphin - Defender of the Future (Japan).png
Eisei Meijin III - Game Creator Yoshimura Nobuhiro no Zunou (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-1-kan (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-2-kan (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-3-kan (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-4-kan (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-5-kan (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-6-kan (Japan).png
Eldorado Gate Dai-7-kan (Japan).png
Elemental Gimmick Gear (Japan).png
Elysion - Eien no Sanctuary (Japan).png
Erde - Nezu no Ki no Shita de (Japan).png
Es (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Es (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Es (Japan) (Disc 3).png
Espion-Age-nts (Japan).png
Eternal Arcadia - Kuuzokuban (Japan).png
Eternal Arcadia (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Eternal Arcadia (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Eve Zero Kanzenban - Ark of the Matter (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Eve Zero Kanzenban - Ark of the Matter (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity (Japan).png
Exodus Guilty Neos (Japan).png
F1 World Grand Prix for Dreamcast (Japan).png
F1 World Grand Prix II for Dreamcast (Japan).png
F355 Challenge (Japan).png
Fighting Vipers 2 (Japan).png
Fire Pro Wrestling D (Japan) (Translated En).png
First Kiss Story (Japan) (Disc 1).png
First Kiss Story (Japan) (Disc 2).png
First Kiss Story II - Anata ga Iru kara (Japan) (Disc 1).png
First Kiss Story II - Anata ga Iru kara (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Fish Eyes + Wild (Japan).png
For Symphony - With All One's Heart (Japan).png
Fragrance Tale (Japan).png
Frame Gride (Japan) (Translated En).png
Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren Gaiden - Onna Kenshi Asuka Kenzan! (Japan).png
GaiaMaster - Kessen! Seiki-ou Densetsu (Japan).png
Gakkyuu-ou Yamazaki - Yamazaki Oukoku Daifunsou! (Japan).png
Ganbare! Nippon! Olympic 2000 (Japan).png
Garou - Mark of the Wolves (Japan).png
Get Bass (Japan).png
Get Bass 2 (Japan).png
Get!! Colonies (Japan).png
Giant Gram - Zen Nihon Pro Wres 2 in Nihon Budoukan (Japan).png
Giant Gram 2000 - Zen Nihon Pro Wres 3 Eikou no Yuusha-tachi (Japan).png
GigaWing (Japan).png
GigaWing 2 (Japan).png
Godzilla Generations - Maximum Impact (Japan).png
Godzilla Generations (Japan).png
Golem no Maigo (Japan).png
Golf Shiyou yo - Course Data-shuu - Adventure-hen (Japan).png
Golf Shiyou yo (Japan).png
Golf Shiyou yo 2 - Aratanaru Chousen (Japan).png
Grandia II (Japan).png
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 1 - Keiyaku (Japan).png
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 2 - Torikago (Japan).png
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 3 - Kansei (Japan).png
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 4 - Kaikou (Japan).png
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 5 - Shokuzai (Japan).png
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 6 - Senritsu (Japan).png
Guilty Gear X (Japan).png
Gunbird 2 (Japan).png
Gundam Battle Online (Japan).png
Gundam Side Story 0079 - Rise from the Ashes (Japan).png
Gunspike (Japan).png
Guru Guru Onsen 2 (Japan).png
Guru Guru Onsen 3 (Japan).png
Happy Breeding (Japan).png
Happy Lesson - First Lesson (Japan).png
Happy Lesson (Japan).png
Harusame Youbi (Japan).png
Heavy Metal - Geomatrix (Japan).png
Heisei Mahjong-sou (Japan).png
Hello Kitty no Dream Passport 2 (Japan).png
Hello Kitty no Garden Panic (Japan).png
Hello Kitty no Lovely Fruit Park (Japan).png
Hello Kitty no Magical Block (Japan).png
Hello Kitty no Otonaru Mail (Japan).png
Hello Kitty no Waku Waku Cookies (Japan).png
Himitsu - Original Sound Track (Japan).png
Himitsu - Yui ga Ita Natsu (Japan).png
House of the Dead 2, The (Japan).png
Hundred Swords (Japan).png
Idol Janshi o Tsukucchaou (Japan).png
Ikaruga (Japan).png
Illbleed (Japan).png
Imakoso!! Dreamcast with Special GD!! (Japan).png
Imperial no Taka - Fighter of Zero (Japan).png
Incoming - Jinrui Saishuu Kessen (Japan).png
Inoue Ryouko - Last Scene (Japan).png
Inoue Ryouko - Roommate (Japan).png
Interlude (Japan).png
Iris (Japan).png
Izumo (Japan).png
J. League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! (Japan).png
J. League Spectacle Soccer (Japan).png
Jahmong (Japan).png
Jet Coaster Dream (Japan).png
Jet Coaster Dream 2 (Japan).png
Jet Set Radio (Japan).png
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu - Dreamcast Edition (Japan).png
Jinsei Game for Dreamcast (Japan).png
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! @ VP@CHI - Kongdom (Japan).png
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Mirai e no Isan (Japan).png
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Mirai e no Isan for Matching Service (Japan).png
July (Japan).png
Kaen Seibo - The Virgin on Megiddo (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Kaen Seibo - The Virgin on Megiddo (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Kaitou Apricot (Japan).png
Kanon (Japan).png
Karous (Japan).png
Kaze no Uta (Japan).png
Kidou Senkan Nadesico - Nadesico the Mission (Japan).png
Kidou Senshi Gundam - Gihren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu (Japan) (Disc 1) (Earth Federation Disc).png
Kidou Senshi Gundam - Gihren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu (Japan) (Disc 2) (Zeon Disc).png
Kidou Senshi Gundam - Renpou vs. Zeon & DX (Japan) (Disc 1) (Kidou Senshi Gundam - Renpou vs. Zeon).png
Kidou Senshi Gundam - Renpou vs. Zeon & DX (Japan) (Disc 2) (Kidou Senshi Gundam - Renpou vs. Zeon DX).png
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Japan).png
Kindan no Pet - Seaman - Gaze Hakase no Jikken-tou (Japan) (2001-nen Taiouban).png
Kindan no Pet - Seaman - Gaze Hakase no Jikken-tou (Japan).png
King of Fighters '99, The - Evolution (Japan).png
King of Fighters 2000, The (Japan).png
King of Fighters 2001, The (Japan).png
King of Fighters 2002, The (Japan).png
King of Fighters, The - Dream Match 1999 (Japan).png
Kita e. Photo Memories (Japan).png
Kita e. White Illumination (Japan).png
Kitahei Gold (Japan).png
Kiteretsu Boy's Gangagan (Japan).png
Konohana - True Report (Japan).png
Konohana 2 - Todokanai Requiem (Japan).png
Kuon no Kizuna - Sairinshou (Japan).png
L.O.L. - Lack of Love (Japan).png
Lake Masters Pro - Dreamcast Plus! (Japan).png
Langrisser Millennium (Japan).png
Le Mans 24 Hours (Japan).png
Love Hina - Smile Again (Japan).png
Love Hina - Totsuzen no Engage Happening (Japan).png
Maboroshi Tsukiyo (Japan).png
Macross M3 (Japan).png
Magic - The Gathering (Japan).png
Mahjong Taikai II Special (Japan).png
Majo no Ocha-kai (Japan).png
Maken X (Japan).png
Margi - Marginal (Japan).png
Marie & Elie no Atelier - Salburg no Renkinjutsushi 1 & 2 (Japan).png
Marionette Company (Japan).png
Marionette Company 2 Chu! (Japan).png
Marionette Handler (Japan).png
Marionette Handler 2 (Japan).png
Mars Matrix (Japan).png
Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes (Japan).png
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes (Japan).png
Mei Puru (Japan).png
Memories Off 2nd (Japan).png
Memories Off Complete (Japan).png
Mercurius Pretty - End of the Century (Japan).png
Metal Wolf (Japan).png
Milky Season (Japan).png
Miss Moonlight (Japan).png
Missing Parts - The Tantei Stories (Japan).png
Missing Parts 2 - The Tantei Stories (Japan).png
Missing Parts 3 - The Tantei Stories (Japan).png
Mizuiro (Japan).png
Moekan (Japan).png
Moero! Justice Gakuen (Japan).png
Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 (Japan).png
Morita no Saikyou Reversi (Japan).png
Morita no Saikyou Shougi (Japan).png
Motto Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! (Japan).png
Mr. Driller (Japan).png
Musapey's Choco Marker (Japan).png
My Merry May (Japan).png
My Merry Maybe (Japan) (Disc 1).png
My Merry Maybe (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Nakoruru - Ano Hito kara no Okurimono (Japan).png
Nanatsu no Hikan - Senritsu no Bishou (Japan).png
Napple Tale - Arsia in Daydream (Japan).png
NBA 2K (Japan).png
NBA 2K1 (Japan).png
Neo Golden Logres (Japan).png
Neppachi - 10-ren Chan de Las Vegas Ryokou (Japan).png
Neppachi II - CR Harenchi Gakuen (Japan).png
Neppachi III - CR Dokonjou Gaeru 2 - CR Dokonjou Gaeru H (Japan).png
Neppachi IV - CR Aa!! Hana no Ouendan 3 (Japan).png
Neppachi V - CR Monster House (Japan).png
Neppachi VI - CR Otakara Tankentai (Japan).png
Net de Para (Japan).png
Net de Tennis (Japan).png
Net Versus - Chess (Japan).png
Net Versus - Gomoku Narabe to Renju (Japan).png
Net Versus - Hanafuda (Japan).png
Net Versus - Igo (Japan).png
Net Versus - Mahjong (Japan).png
Net Versus - Reversi (Japan).png
Net Versus - Shougi (Japan).png
Nettou Golf (Japan).png
Never 7 - The End of Infinity (Japan).png
NFL 2K (Japan).png
NFL 2K1 (Japan).png
NFL 2K2 (Japan).png
NHL 2K2 (Japan).png
Nihon Pro Mahjong Renmei Kounin - Tetsuman Menkyokaiden (Japan).png
Nijuuei (Japan).png
Nishikaze no Kyoushikyoku - The Rhapsody of Zephyr (Japan).png
Nobunaga no Yabou - Reppuuden (Japan).png
Nobunaga no Yabou - Shouseiroku with Power-Up Kit (Japan).png
Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi - Memories Off (Japan).png
Oogami Ichirou Funtou-ki - Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Beni Tokage yori (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Oogami Ichirou Funtou-ki - Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Beni Tokage yori (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Orange Pocket - Cornet (Japan).png
Ouka Houshin - Ouka Saki shi Toki (Japan).png
Outtrigger (Japan).png
Pachinko no Dendou - CR Nanasy (Japan).png
Pachi-Slot Teiou - Dream Slot - Heiwa SP (Japan).png
Pachi-Slot Teiou - Dream Slot - Olympia SP (Japan).png
Pandora no Yume (Japan).png
Panzer Front (Japan).png
Patissier na Nyanko - Hatsukoi wa Ichigo Aji (Japan).png
PenPen TriIcelon (Japan).png
Phantasy Star Online (Japan).png
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 (Japan).png
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.5 (Japan) (Disc 1) (Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2).png
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.5 (Japan) (Disc 2) (Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2).png
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3 (Japan).png
Pizzicato Polka - Ensa Gen'ya (Japan).png
Plus Plumb (Japan).png
Pocke-Kano - Yumi - Shizuka - Fumio (Japan).png
Pop'n Music (Japan).png
Pop'n Music 2 (Japan).png
Pop'n Music 3 - Append Disc (Japan).png
Pop'n Music 4 - Append Disc (Japan).png
Power Jet Racing 2001 (Japan).png
Power Smash - Sega Professional Tennis (Japan).png
Power Smash 2 - Sega Professional Tennis (Japan).png
Power Stone (Japan).png
Power Stone 2 (Japan).png
Princess Holiday - Korogaru Ringo Tei Sen'ya Ichiya (Japan).png
Princess Maker Collection (Japan).png
Prism Heart - Gaiden Disc - Ken ni Kometa Omoi (Japan).png
Prism Heart (Japan).png
Prismaticallization (Japan).png
Pro Mahjong Kiwame D (Japan).png
Pro Yakyuu Team de Asobou Net! (Japan).png
Pro Yakyuu Team de Asobou! (Japan).png
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! & Asobou! (Japan).png
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! (Japan).png
Project Berkley (Japan).png
Psychic Force 2012 (Japan).png
Psyvariar 2 - The Will to Fabricate (Japan).png
Puyo Puyo Da! Featuring Ellena System (Japan).png
Puyo Puyo Fever (Japan).png
Puyo Puyoon (Japan).png
Puzzle Bobble 4 (Japan).png
Quiz Aa Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa to Tomoni (Japan).png
Radirgy (Japan).png
Rainbow Cotton (Japan).png
Rayman - Kaizokusen kara no Dasshutsu! (Japan).png
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Uchikome Warai no Megaton Punch!! (Japan).png
Real Sound - Kaze no Regret (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Real Sound - Kaze no Regret (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Record of Lodoss War - The Advent of Cardice (Japan).png
Redline Racer (Japan).png
Ren'ai Chu! Happy Perfect (Japan).png
Rent a Hero No.1 (Japan).png
Revive... - Sosei (Japan).png
Re-Volt (Japan).png
Rez (Japan).png
Ring, The (Japan).png
Roommania 203 (Japan).png
Roommate Asami - Okusama wa Joshikousei - Director's Edition (Japan).png
Roommate Novel - Satou Yuka (Japan).png
Run=Dim as Black Soul (Japan).png
Rune Caster (Japan).png
Rune Jade (Japan).png
Saka Tsuku Tokudai-gou - J. League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! (Japan).png
Saka Tsuku Tokudai-gou 2 - J. League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! (Japan).png
Sakura Momoko Gekijou - Coji-Coji (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen - Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Sakura Taisen (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Sakura Taisen 2 - Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Sakura Taisen 2 - Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Sakura Taisen 2 - Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare (Japan) (Disc 3).png
Sakura Taisen 3 - Les Chattes Noires (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen 3 - Paris wa Moeteiru ka - Drama Download Disc (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen 3 - Paris wa Moeteiru ka - Sakura Taisen 3 Movie Disc (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen 3 - Paris wa Moeteiru ka (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Sakura Taisen 3 - Paris wa Moeteiru ka (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Sakura Taisen 3 - Paris wa Moeteiru ka (Japan) (Disc 3).png
Sakura Taisen 4 - Koi Seyo Otome - Preview Disc (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen 4 - Koi Seyo Otome (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen Kinematron Hanagumi Mail (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen Online - Paris no Yuugana Hibi (Japan).png
Sakura Taisen Online - Teito no Nagai Hibi (Japan).png
Samba de Amigo (Japan).png
Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000 (Japan).png
Sangokushi VI (Japan).png
Sangokushi VI with Power-Up Kit (Japan).png
Sega Extreme Sports (Japan).png
Sega GT - Homologation Special (Japan).png
Sega Marine Fishing (Japan).png
Sega Rally 2 (Japan).png
Sega Tetris (Japan).png
Seireiki Rayblade (Japan).png
Seitai Heiki Expendable (Japan).png
Sekai Fushigi Hakken! Troia (Japan).png
Sengoku Turb - Fanfan I Love Me Dunce-doublentendre (Japan).png
Sengoku Turb (Japan).png
Sentimental Graffiti - Yakusoku (Japan).png
Sentimental Graffiti 2 - Third Window (Japan).png
Sentimental Graffiti 2 (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Sentimental Graffiti 2 (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Seventh Cross (Japan).png
SGGG - Segagaga (Japan).png
Shanghai - Dynasty (Japan).png
Shenmue - Ichishou Yokosuka (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Shenmue - Ichishou Yokosuka (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Shenmue - Ichishou Yokosuka (Japan) (Disc 3).png
Shenmue - Ichishou Yokosuka (Japan) (Shenmue Passport).png
Shenmue II (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Shenmue II (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Shenmue II (Japan) (Disc 3).png
Shenmue II (Japan) (Disc 4).png
Shikigami no Shiro II (Japan).png
Shin Honkaku Hanafuda (Japan).png
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 4 (Japan).png
Shin Seiki Evangelion - Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku (Japan).png
Shin Seiki Evangelion - Typing E Keikaku (Japan).png
Shin Seiki Evangelion - Typing Hokan Keikaku (Japan).png
Shinki Sekai Evolution (Japan).png
Shinki Sekai Evolution 2 - Tooi Yakusoku (Japan).png
Shinri Game, The (Japan).png
Shirotsumesouwa - Episode of the Clovers (Japan).png
Shutokou Battle (Japan).png
Shutokou Battle 2 (Japan).png
Silent Scope (Japan).png
Simple 2000 Series DC Vol. 01 - Bittersweet Fools - The Ren'ai Adventure (Japan).png
Simple 2000 Series DC Vol. 02 - Natsuiro Celebration - The Ren'ai Simulation (Japan).png
Simple 2000 Series DC Vol. 03 - Fureai - The Ren'ai Simulation (Japan).png
Simple 2000 Series DC Vol. 04 - Okaeri! The Ren'ai Adventure (Japan).png
Sister Princess - Premium Edition (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Sister Princess - Premium Edition (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Snappers - 09 Chairs (Japan).png
Snow (Japan).png
Sonic Adventure (Japan).png
Sonic Adventure 2 (Japan).png
Sonic Adventure International (Japan).png
Sonic Shuffle (Japan).png
Sorcerian - Shichisei Mahou no Shito (Japan).png
Soukou no Kihei - Space Griffon (Japan).png
Soulcalibur (Japan).png
Space Channel 5 (Japan).png
Space Channel 5 Part 2 (Japan) (Translated En).png
Spawn - In the Demon's Hand (Japan).png
Speed Devils (Japan).png
Spirit of Speed 1937 (Japan).png
Sports Jam (Japan).png
Star Gladiator 2 - Nightmare of Bilstein (Japan).png
Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (Japan).png
Street Fighter III - W Impact (Japan).png
Street Fighter Zero 3 - Saikyo-ryu Dojo (Japan).png
Street Fighter Zero 3 - Saikyo-ryu Dojo for Matching Service (Japan).png
Suigetsu - Mayoigokoro (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Suigetsu - Mayoigokoro (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Suika (Japan).png
Sunrise Eiyuutan (Japan).png
Super Euro Soccer 2000 (Japan).png
Super Magnetic Niuniu (Japan).png
Super Producers - Mezase Show Biz Kai (Japan).png
Super Puzzle Fighter II X for Matching Service (Japan) (Translated En).png
Super Robot Taisen Alpha (Japan).png
Super Runabout - San Francisco Edition (Japan).png
Super Runabout (Japan).png
Super Speed Racing (Japan).png
Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service - Grand Master Challenge (Japan) (Translated En).png
Sweet Season (Japan).png
Sydney 2000 (Japan).png
Taisen Net Gimmick - Capcom & Psikyo All Stars (Japan).png
Tako no Marine (Japan).png
Tamakyuu (Japan).png
Tanaka Torahiko no Ultra-ryuu Shougi - Ibisha Anaguma-hen (Japan).png
Tantei Shinshi Dash! (Japan).png
Tenohira o, Taiyou ni (Japan).png
Tentama - 1st Sunny Side (Japan).png
Tetris 4D (Japan).png
Tokusatsu Bouken Katsugeki Super Hero Retsuden (Japan).png
Tokyo Bus Guide - Bijin Bus Guide Tenjou Disc (Japan).png
Tokyo Bus Guide (Japan).png
Tomb Raider IV - The Last Revelation (Japan).png
Totsugeki! Teketeke!! Toy Ranger (Japan).png
Treasure Strike (Japan).png
Tricolore Crise - Art Palette (Japan).png
Tricolore Crise (Japan).png
Triggerheart Exelica (Japan).png
Trizeal (Japan).png
Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni - Operation Sanctuary (Japan).png
Tsuushin Taisen Logic Battle Daisessen (Japan).png
Twinkle Star Sprites (Japan) (Translated En).png
Typing of the Date (Japan).png
Typing of the Dead, The (Japan).png
Ultimate Fighting Championship (Japan).png
Under Defeat (Japan).png
UnderCover AD2025 Kei (Japan).png
US Shenmue (Japan) (Disc 1).png
US Shenmue (Japan) (Disc 2).png
US Shenmue (Japan) (Disc 3).png
US Shenmue (Japan) (Shenmue Passport).png
Utau - Tumbling Dice (Japan).png
Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service (Japan).png
Vermilion Desert (Japan).png
Vigilante 8 - 2nd Battle (Japan).png
Virtua Athlete 2K (Japan).png
Virtua Cop 2 (Japan).png
Virtua Fighter 3tb (Japan).png
Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000.1 (Japan).png
Visual Park (Japan).png
Weakness Hero Torauman DC (Japan).png
Web Mystery - Yochimu o Miru Neko (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Web Mystery - Yochimu o Miru Neko (Japan) (Disc 2).png
What's Shenmue (Demo) (Japan) (Translated En).png
Wind - A Breath of Heart (Japan).png
Winning Post 4 - Program 2000 (Japan).png
World Neverland 2 Plus - Pluto Kyouwakoku Monogatari (Japan).png
World Neverland Plus - Olerud Oukoku Monogatari (Japan).png
World Series Baseball 2K1 (Japan).png
WWF Royal Rumble (Japan).png
Yoshia no Oka de Nekoronde... (Japan).png
Yukawa Moto Senmu no Otakara Sagashi (Japan).png
Yukigatari (Japan).png
Yume Baken '99 - Internet (Japan).png
Yume no Tsubasa - Fate of Heart (Japan).png
Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 3 - Perpetual Blue (Japan).png
Zero Gunner 2 (Japan).png
Zombie Revenge (Japan).png
Zusar Vasar (Japan).png


Aero Dancing - Todoroki Taichou no Himitsu Disc (Japan).png
Biohazard 2 - Value Plus (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Biohazard 2 - Value Plus (Japan) (Disc 2).png







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