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    • Windows Video Snaps Updated (5,127 Videos)
      Windows Video Snaps Updated (5,127 Videos)
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      ScummVM Video Snaps Updated (20 Videos)
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      Game Boy Advance Video Snaps Updated (1 Video)
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      Do Not Share Your Account Info
      News and Updates
      ItsNitro - Posted
      Is there a way to delete your account?
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      Problem with the Commodore 64 music pack
      EmuMovies General Discussion
      Daskepeder - Posted
      Hey Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to put this, but I've been working on my Launchbox Commodore 64 library lately and I have uncovered quite a lot of problems with the music that's scraped from the database at EmuMovies. A lot of games have mp3 tracks with a terrible noise from start to end. I checked if it could be a problem with Launchbox, but when I download the whole set from here the old way, it's obvious that the fault is in the original file.  Examples on bad files:
      Addicta Ball (Europe).mp3
      Arctic Shipwreck (USA).mp3
      Chickin Chase.mp3
      Chinese Juggler.mp3 Dunno what to do with it really, but I think we should try to get rid of as many as we can of these files.
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      How to deal with missing artwork?
      EmuMovies Sync
      DJRobX - Posted
      So I started with EmuMovies sync and it does a wonderful job of populating media for my front end for all my emulators.   Now I've found that for each emulator I have 5-10% of games that are missing artwork.   While that's great, some of them are pretty common games, I suspect EmuMovies has existing artwork but my ROMs may be named in a way that prevents EmuMovies Sync from finding them. I tried to look on the FTP server in hopes of being able to browse through the available files to see what is actually there vs. what might just be named wrong on my end.  But alas, the FTP is a completely different thing.    Example: One of the files I have that was missing any artwork was NES "Lifeforce (U).zip".   This was named by the GoodNES tool at some point over the years.    I renamed that to "Life Force (U).zip" and now EmuMovies has all the artwork for it.   Is there any way to get access to the list of available content, so I can square my ROM list up to match? *Edit*  I noticed the video files are individual in the FTP.   So I was able to use that.  It went pretty well for NES.   SNES, not so much.    I renamed many files to match what I saw on the FTP but they don't come through with Sync.    Some really obvious ones like Super Street Fighter II and Yoshi's Island.   Oof.    I'm sure Yoshi's island is somewhere on your server, but I don't know the name.  :)  missing.txt
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      Program used to make themes for RetroFE
      Front End Discussion
      phulshof - Posted
      As an example, from the default Aeon Nox theme: <!-- show manufacturer image --> <reloadableImage type="manufacturer" mode="common" alpha="0" width="500" maxHeight="85" x="20" y="1070" xOrigin="left" yOrigin="bottom" layer="15"> <onExit> <set duration=".25"> <animate type="alpha" to="0" algorithm="easeinquadratic"/> </set> </onExit> <onMenuEnter menuIndex="1"> <set duration=".25"> <animate type="alpha" to="1" algorithm="easeinquadratic"/> </set> </onMenuEnter> <onMenuExit menuIndex="1"> <set duration=".25"> <animate type="alpha" to="0" algorithm="easeinquadratic"/> </set> </onMenuExit> <onHighlightEnter menuIndex="1"> <set duration=".25"> <animate type="alpha" to="1" algorithm="easeinquadratic"/> </set> </onHighlightEnter> <onHighlightExit menuIndex="1"> <set duration=".25"> <animate type="alpha" to="0" algorithm="easeinquadratic"/> </set> </onHighlightExit> </reloadableImage>   A quick explanation: reloadableImage implies that it is different for each menu entry, and as such should be (re)loaded whenever a new item is selected. mode="common" means that the art should be pulled from the _common collection. This prevents the need  to have a set of manufacturing logos for each collection. The main line also contains the location (x/y), size, and alignment settings. The default alpha (transparency) is 0, which means invisible. The onMenuEnter animation makes it visible when you enter the 2nd menu (the collection). The rest of the text is simply animation settings, to make the item fade in and out on menu enter/exit, program exit, and when selecting a new item.
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      Why is the bar for entrance to front loaders set so high
      Front End Discussion
      phulshof - Posted
      I'd ask this on the RetroFE forums; I don't use RL myself, so I cannot help you here.

      Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk

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      Emulation Discussion
      ALIE - Posted
      i was referred to this site long ago and its great and updated.
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      Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project
      Game Room Discussion
      ecb116 - Posted
      Thank you my Canadian friends.  Tedd i await for your post when you start your build. 
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      Where is wheel art on the FTP?
      Artwork Discussion
      jevansoh - Posted
      I've looked all over and cannot find any wheel art for any system on the FTP. HyperSync doesn't find very many PSP or Wii wheels so I was looking on the FTP for them but when I couldn't find any I decided to look for other wheel art just to make sure I was looking in the right spot and can't seem to find any wheel art for any system. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks, --J
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      EmuMovies Front End Poll '16
      Front End Discussion
      Don - Posted
      I've also used HyperSpin and quickly gave it up after moving over to Big Box. I also prefer retrofe and attractmode, as they are much more flexible than HyperSpin. At the same time, BigBox is incredibly easy to get started with and gets better (literally) with each day :)
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      Downloading into existing mame\ folders, or separate EDS folders?
      EmuMovies Sync
      snikt - Posted
      Hi, I just got an (Lifetime/Platinum)-Account here and over there at HS. Syncing into HS/Media with HyperSync is great, but is there a way to sync into rocketlauncher/media? I downloaded backgrounds for MAME and they are all in one folder named after the game, but it should be a folder named by game with a file called "background". Is there a place in the forum that is about rocketlauncher/media and syncing? Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.   edit: Okay, found my answer on the ftp-Server. So this post could also been deleted.
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