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      Bulk Downloads Back Online (Beta)   10/02/2017

      The Download all feature is back online for Advanced Members and above, this is a new version of the feature and there are bugs.   The system was offline over the weekend but is now back online.  Please submit a Member Support Ticket if you experiences problems.  Note, there may be a delay on responses due to the time it takes to address bugs with this new system.
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    EmuMovies DSU Version 2.2 Released

    • 01/12/2015

    This update is a request from GameEx users, version 2.2 adds the option to trim the opening fade out of the video snaps.

    Download this new version here:


    Also if you have not checked them out lately I wanted to remind everyone that our DSU and API is currently developed and maintained by Tom from Spesoft.com home of the GameEx front-end, GameEx live and the technology also powers Gamesdbase, an excellent site also run by Spesoft.

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    Is there a reason that EmuMovies DSU Places its files within "system_name" <-remarks the underscore.

    My example goes with Hyperspin Cloud downloader "Atari Lynx" vs DSU who puts its media into "Atari_Lynx" as i see it, it does not comply with Hyperspin Cloud download service. I cant specify exact download path for DSU right? and i cant for Cloud so im stuck with two dirs with almost same content ;)


    Please advise? where can i make DSU go for the right place. if possible, or did i screw it somewhere ;)

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    Our downloader is a shell over an api.  The same api that is used in HyperSync Cloud.  Just use HyperSync cloud instead of our downloader in this instance.  They have it set up perfect for their needs.  You still need to be a supporting member fhere for hypersync cloud to access video downloads just tlike our downloader.  Same thing different shell and tweaked :)

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    Hello, thanks for this software.


    Can you tell me where the settings (or ini files) are stored ? I deleted some Systems from my computer, but DSU is still asking me to update them when new pictures are added. Is there a way to set this ? Thanks in advance.

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