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  1. hyper sync

    Its down right now, was down yesterday as well around the same time.
  2. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    Yeah, I think not having big box mode is my problem. I might need to revisit it.
  3. DSU development status?

    Is this tool still being developed? It is so close to being perfect it hurts. 3 things it really needs: Hide systems Remove/include things in all artwork (videos, manuals and etc) Sync all non hidden system with all artwork!
  4. why dont i see AttractMode anywere?

    Plus it's open source. I like the idea if the developer decides to abandon the project someone else might eventually fork it. That just happened with emulation station a few months ago.
  5. EmuMovies Screensaver?

    Bummer... must be .wmv I bet there is a easy work around to that problem.
  6. The rollout can't always be smooth
  7. EmuMovies DSU Version 2.2 Released

    The dsu is a amazing tool.
  8. EmuMovies Screensaver?

    Yeah, it plays the video even though it says photo, we'll it did on vista.
  9. Nintendo DS Updated (6 Videos)

    DR you should never apologize.
  10. New ScummVM Video Snap Set (210 Videos)

    It's good to see scummvm getting some love.
  11. New System Intro Videos

    They look great!
  12. Have you ever thought about making a p2p type client to keep everybody synced up? It would also alleviate the server a bit. It could be a opt in or out thing.
  13. Content Contributor and Developer Access

    I hope emumovies ends up dominating, pretty much already have.
  14. Sega Genesis Updated (25 Videos)

    Hopefully they noticed your discovery.
  15. Sega Master System Updated (4 Videos)

    Nice! Damnedregistrations is "the closer".