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    NES games in 3D

    • 09/05/2016

    3DNES Review

    First off I want to get this off my chest, not everything in the UNITY Engine is terrible. It's got a bad reputation for delivering crappy end product that people just poop out at an alarming rate. However this project caught my attention originally on a facebook post a couple of months ago then reignited when Simply Austin brought it back to my attention. So I thought screw it lets have a look at this. Demo's shown on youtube show the potential. But actually getting it to work properly on your own, that's a different kettle of fish. First off you are greeted with this screen. Made with Unity personal edition (after you finish with the base setup of resolution and pad and key bindings). curious why would anyone use unity to make an emulator. Well first off you have options on the standby screen (before you actually load an emulator)

    option screen.png

    This is the first screen you are greeted with once you boot this up for the first time. it doesn't look like much but it shows you this isn't a normal emulator because it has auto detecting for the 3D aspect of any rom. you play it as is but looks graphically interesting  as it creates a 3d environment from just basic information. There are profiles created for certain games. What started as a webpage app got converted into an actual emulator, in which version stand at 1 b3 (unless you pay for early releases). What makes this different compared to normal NES emulators. For starters, this

    DrMario 3D.jpg  and this Contra 3D.jpg and finally thisMegaman 3D.gif.

    All this looks impressive but it's takes time to set up to properly as you have to create profiles for each game to get the best results. if you run this straight out of the box it will appear a little glitchy and can be a little unstable. But if you onto their forum, There is something like 72 different configuration files already set up, While they are there, they are not perfect yet. If you can find the time to actually do configuration files yourself, you may find you do a better job than the actual user config files on the site. This does have promise but still needs a lot of work in order to be perfect. but what I am seeing so far even out of the box has promise. I'll be looking into this project a little more over the coming months, But I will look at it with a dose of cynicism as well. If you want to look it up go HERE!

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    User Feedback

    It's a very interesting concept and fun to tinker with! I do like how they added a forum where People can upload their own configurations to share.

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    Wow this looks great.  I have to admit I was one of the people that thought this looked silly but you made me want to try it out.  Thanks!

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