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By Circo

Microsoft Windows (PC Games) Video Snaps Updated (979 Videos)

Happy to announce that our library of video snaps for Microsoft Windows has increased by 979 new videos bringing the set to 6,844 video snaps in total.  These were all user submissions, trimmed as needed and audio levels normalized. Thanks go out to users @kim_sama98, @ray572, @sebas78, @wiggles, @rubee64, @SonofBeast, @CasperH & @Henstra1989 as well as some anonymous submissions.   Videos are available on the EmuMovies FTP and EmuMovies Sync.
(File List) Microsoft Windows (Video Snaps)(EM 1.6).txt
By Circo

Nintendo 64 Video Snaps Updated to v1.7 (33 New Videos)

Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for a new update to our Nintendo 64 Video Snap collection.  This update contains 33 new videos bringing the complete video snap set to 413 video snaps.  High Quality video snaps can be downloaded through EmuMovies Sync or the FTP and Standard Quality is available on the Website, EmuMovies Sync and FTP.
What's New (Version 1.7) (33 Videos) @DamnedRegistrations 
64 de Hakken!! Tamagotchi - Minna de Tamagotchi World (Japan).mp4
64 Hanafuda - Tenshi no Yakusoku (Japan).mp4
AI Shougi 3 (Japan).mp4
Bakushou Jinsei 64 - Mezase! Resort Ou (Japan).mp4
Bass Rush - ECOGEAR PowerWorm Championship (Japan).mp4
Chameleon Twist (Japan) (Translated En).mp4
Custom Robo V2 (Japan).mp4
Derby Stallion 64 (Japan).mp4
Goemon - Mononoke Sugoroku (Japan).mp4
Hamster Monogatari 64 (Japan).mp4
Heiwa Pachinko World 64 (Japan).mp4
Ide Yosuke no Mahjong Juku (Japan).mp4
Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 Kettei Ban! (Japan).mp4
J.League Tactics Soccer (Japan).mp4
Jikkyou G1 Stable (Japan).mp4
Jinsei Game 64 (Japan).mp4
Kiratto Kaiketsu! 64 Tanteidan (Japan).mp4
Mahjong 64 (Japan).mp4
Mahjong Hourouki Classic (Japan).mp4
Morita Shougi 64 (Japan).mp4
Nushi Tsuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte (Japan).mp4
Nushi Tsuri 64 (Japan).mp4
Onegai Monsters (Japan).mp4
Pachinko 365 Nichi (Japan).mp4
Parlor! Pro 64 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation Game (Japan).mp4
PD Ultraman Battle Collection 64 (Japan).mp4
Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono 64 - Jansou Battle ni Chousen (Japan).mp4
Robot Poncots 64 - 7tsu no Umi no Caramel (Japan).mp4
Saikyou Habu Shougi (Japan).mp4
SimCity 2000 (Japan).mp4
Super Mario Bros. 64 (Hack).mp4
Super Robot Taisen 64 (Japan).mp4
Yakouchuu II - Satsujin Kouro (Japan).mp4
(File List) Nintendo 64 (Video Snaps)(EM 1.7).txt
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By Circo

Sony PlayStation 2 Video Snaps Updated (2,111 New Videos)

This update has been in the works for awhile, and PS2 emulation has come so far since the original videos were recorded.  This update includes 2,111 new video snaps bringing the full set to 3,581 videos.  Naming has also been updated to the latest Redump naming standard.  Videos are live on the website, EmuMovies FTP and EmuMovies Sync.  Time to rescrape guys!  
Whats New
What's New - Sony PlayStation 2 (EM 1.5).txt
[File List] Sony Playstation 2 (Video Snaps)(Redump)(EM 1.5).txt
High Definition
(FTP & Sync) | (WIP)
 Resolution 1440x1080
 Frame Rate  60/50  Audio Rate  192 kbit/s  File Count 2754  Total Size 56.2 GB High Quality
(FTP & Sync)
 Resolution  640x480
 Frame Rate  60/50  Audio Rate  192 kbit/s  File Count 3581  Total Size 35.2 GB Standard Quality
(Site, FTP & Sync)
 Resolution  320x240
 Frame Rate  30/25  Audio Rate  128 kbit/s  File Count 3581  Total Size 11.5 GB Links:
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By Circo

Commodore 64 Video Snaps Version 1.5

A quick update to the EmuMovies Commodore 64 Video Snaps set adds 132 new video snaps. Thanks to Wiggles and Plastron for the submissions.  The set is now at 1,043 videos in total
Version 1.5
Added 132 Video Snaps
Whats New
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By Circo

GameEx with improved EM Sync features and new price FREE

A couple of big pieces of news from GameEx and Spesoft.
Tom Speirs the creator of GameEx also wrote our primary API and Sync Tool.  He has done a lot of work on the service as well as GameEx integration and is announcing major improvements in the file matching system in regards to EmuMovies Sync.
Also GameEx is now Free! 
Official Announcement:
  • New Atari 2600 Videos & Artwork Released


    We have just finished adding our brand new Atari 2600 Video, Game Play and Title Snaps to the site. These sets completely replace the old sets that has now been removed. This is a crystal clear upgrade and the videos have amazing quality. The set is named using the HyperList naming convention. The Video Snap set includes 652 new videos and can be found in our download section, ftp, and download service.


    Download Area:




    Supporting Members can download 240p and 480p videos via:


    ftp.png hslogo.png


    Videos Added / Replaced:

    2 Pak Special (Black) - Challenge, Surfing (Europe).mp4

    2 Pak Special (Blue) - Dungeon Master, Creature Strike (Europe).mp4

    2 Pak Special (Dark Blue) - Planet Patrol, Wall-Defender (Europe).mp4

    2005 Minigame Multicart (USA) (Unl).mp4

    32 in 1 Game Cartridge (Europe).mp4

    3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (USA).mp4

    Acid Drop (Europe).mp4

    Actionauts (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Activision Decathlon, The (USA).mp4

    Adventure (USA).mp4

    Adventures of Tron (USA).mp4

    Air Raid (USA).mp4

    Air Raiders (USA).mp4

    Airlock (USA).mp4

    Air-Sea Battle (USA).mp4

    Alfred Challenge (France) (Unl).mp4

    Alien (USA).mp4

    Alien Greed (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Alien Greed 2 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Alien Greed 3 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Allia Quest (France) (Unl).mp4

    Alligator People, The (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Alpha Beam with Ernie (USA).mp4

    Amidar (USA).mp4

    AndroMan on the Moon (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Aquaventure (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Armor Ambush (USA).mp4

    Artillery Duel (USA).mp4

    AStar (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Asterix (USA).mp4

    Asteroid Fire (Europe).mp4

    Asteroids (USA).mp4

    Astroblast (USA).mp4

    Astrowar (Europe).mp4

    Atari Video Cube (USA).mp4

    A-Team, The (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Atlantis (USA).mp4

    Atlantis II (USA).mp4

    Atom Smasher (USA) (Proto).mp4

    A-VCS-tec Challenge (USA) (Unl).mp4

    AVGN K.O. Boxing (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Bachelor Party (USA).mp4

    Bachelorette Party (USA).mp4

    Backfire (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Backgammon (USA).mp4

    Bank Heist (USA).mp4

    Barnstorming (USA).mp4

    Base Attack (Europe).mp4

    Basic Math (USA).mp4

    BASIC Programming (USA).mp4

    Basketball (USA).mp4

    Battlezone (USA).mp4

    Beamrider (USA).mp4

    Beany Bopper (USA).mp4

    Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em (USA).mp4

    Bee-Ball (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Berenstain Bears (USA).mp4

    Bermuda Triangle (USA).mp4

    Berzerk (USA).mp4

    Big Bird's Egg Catch (USA).mp4

    Bionic Breakthrough (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Blackjack (USA).mp4

    BLiP Football (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Bloody Human Freeway (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Blueprint (USA).mp4

    BMX Air Master (USA).mp4

    Bobby Is Going Home (Europe).mp4

    Boggle (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Boing! (USA).mp4

    Boulder Dash (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Bowling (USA).mp4

    Boxing (USA).mp4

    Brain Games (USA).mp4

    Breakout (USA).mp4

    Bridge (USA).mp4

    Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (USA).mp4

    Bugs (USA).mp4

    Bugs Bunny (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Bump 'n' Jump (USA).mp4

    Bumper Bash (USA).mp4

    BurgerTime (USA).mp4

    Burning Desire (Australia).mp4

    Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Cakewalk (USA).mp4

    California Games (USA).mp4

    Canyon Bomber (USA).mp4

    Carnival (USA).mp4

    Casino (USA).mp4

    Cat Trax (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Cathouse Blues (USA).mp4

    Cave In (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Centipede (USA).mp4

    Challenge (Europe).mp4

    Challenge of.... Nexar, The (USA).mp4

    Championship Soccer (USA).mp4

    Chase the Chuckwagon (USA).mp4

    Checkers (USA).mp4

    Cheese (USA) (Proto).mp4

    China Syndrome (USA).mp4

    Chopper Command (USA).mp4

    Chuck Norris Superkicks (USA).mp4

    Circus Atari (USA).mp4

    Climber 5 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Coco Nuts (USA).mp4

    Codebreaker (USA).mp4

    Colony 7 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Combat (USA).mp4

    Combat Two (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Commando (USA).mp4

    Commando Raid (USA).mp4

    Communist Mutants from Space (USA).mp4

    CompuMate (USA).mp4

    Computer Chess (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Condor Attack (USA).mp4

    Confrontation (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Congo Bongo (USA).mp4

    Conquest of Mars (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Cookie Monster Munch (USA).mp4

    Cosmic Ark (USA).mp4

    Cosmic Commuter (USA).mp4

    Cosmic Creeps (USA).mp4

    Cosmic Invaders (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Cosmic Swarm (USA).mp4

    Crack'ed (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Crackpots (USA).mp4

    Crash Dive (USA).mp4

    Crazy Balloon (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Crazy Climber (USA).mp4

    Crazy Valet (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Criminal Persuit (Europe).mp4

    Cross Force (USA).mp4

    Crossbow (USA).mp4

    Crypts of Chaos (USA).mp4

    Crystal Castles (USA).mp4

    Cubicolor (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Cubis (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Custer's Revenge (USA).mp4

    Dancing Plate (Europe).mp4

    Dark Cavern (USA).mp4

    Dark Chambers (USA).mp4

    Dark Mage (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Deadly Duck (USA).mp4

    Death Trap (USA).mp4

    Defender (USA).mp4

    Demolition Herby (USA).mp4

    Demon Attack (USA).mp4

    Demons to Diamonds (USA).mp4

    Desert Falcon (USA).mp4

    Dice Puzzle (Europe).mp4

    Dig Dug (USA).mp4

    Dodge 'Em (USA).mp4

    Dolphin (USA).mp4

    Donald Duck's Speedboat (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Donkey Kong (USA).mp4

    Donkey Kong Junior (USA).mp4

    Double Dragon (USA).mp4

    Double Dunk (USA).mp4

    Dragon Defender (Europe).mp4

    Dragonfire (USA).mp4

    Dragonstomper (USA).mp4

    Dragster (USA).mp4

    Duck Attack (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Dukes of Hazzard (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Dukes of Hazzard (USA).mp4

    Dumbo's Flying Circus (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Dungeon (USA) (Unl).mp4

    E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (USA).mp4

    Earth Dies Screaming, The (USA).mp4

    Edtris 2600 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Eggomania (USA).mp4

    Elevators Amiss (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Eli's Ladder (USA).mp4

    Elk Attack (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Encaved (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Encounter at L-5 (USA).mp4

    Enduro (USA).mp4

    Enigma Machine (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Entity, The (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Entombed (USA).mp4

    Escape from the Mindmaster (USA).mp4

    Espial (USA).mp4

    Euchre (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Evil Magician Returns (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Exocet (Europe).mp4

    Extra Terrestrials (Canada).mp4

    Fall Down (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Fantastic Voyage (USA).mp4

    Farmyard Fun (Europe).mp4

    Fast Eddie (USA).mp4

    Fast Food (USA).mp4

    Fatal Run (Europe).mp4

    Fathom (USA).mp4

    Final Approach (USA).mp4

    Fire Fighter (USA).mp4

    Fire Fly (USA).mp4

    Fireball (USA).mp4

    Firebug (Europe).mp4

    Fishing Derby (USA).mp4

    Flag Capture (USA).mp4

    FlapPing (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Flash Gordon (USA).mp4

    Football (USA).mp4

    Forest (Europe).mp4

    Four-Play (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Frankenstein's Monster (USA).mp4

    Freeway (USA).mp4

    Frisco (Europe).mp4

    Frog Pond (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Frogger (USA).mp4

    Frogger II - Threeedeep! (USA).mp4

    Frogs and Flies (USA).mp4

    Front Line (USA).mp4

    Frostbite (USA).mp4

    Funky Fish (USA) (Proto).mp4

    G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike (USA).mp4

    Galaxian (USA).mp4

    Gamma-Attack (USA).mp4

    Gangster Alley (USA).mp4

    Garfield (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Gas Hog (USA).mp4

    Gauntlet (USA).mp4

    General Re-Treat (Europe).mp4

    Ghost Manor (USA).mp4

    Ghostbusters (USA).mp4

    Ghostbusters II (Europe).mp4

    Gigolo (USA).mp4

    Gingerbread Man (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Glacier Patrol (USA).mp4

    Glib - Video Word Game (USA).mp4

    Go Fish! (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Go Go Home Monster (Europe).mp4

    Golf (USA).mp4

    Gopher (USA).mp4

    Gorf (USA).mp4

    GoSub (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Grand Prix (USA).mp4

    Gravitar (USA).mp4

    Gremlins (USA).mp4

    Grover's Music Maker (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Guardian (USA).mp4

    Gunfight (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Gyruss (USA).mp4

    H.E.R.O. (USA).mp4

    Halloween (USA).mp4

    Halo 2600 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Hangman (USA).mp4

    Harem (USA).mp4

    Haunted House (USA).mp4

    Holey Moley (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Home Run (USA).mp4

    Human Cannonball (USA).mp4

    Hunchy II (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Hunt & Score (USA).mp4

    I Project (Europe) (Unl).mp4

    Ice Hockey (USA).mp4

    Ikari Warriors (USA).mp4

    Immies & Aggies (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Inca Gold - Spider Monster (Europe).mp4

    Incoming! (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Indy 500 (USA).mp4

    Infiltrate (USA).mp4

    Innerspace (USA) (Proto).mp4

    International Soccer (USA).mp4

    INV (USA) (Unl).mp4

    INV+ (USA) (Unl).mp4

    IQ 180 (Europe).mp4

    Ixion (USA) (Proto).mp4

    James Bond 007 (USA).mp4

    Jammed (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Jawbreaker (USA).mp4

    Journey Escape (USA).mp4

    Joust (USA).mp4

    JoustPong (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Jr. Pac-Man (USA).mp4

    Jungle Fever (USA).mp4

    Jungle Hunt (USA).mp4

    Juno First (USA) (Unl).mp4

    K.O. Cruiser (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Kabobber (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Kaboom! (USA).mp4

    Kamikaze Saucers (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Kangaroo (USA).mp4

    Karate (USA).mp4

    Keystone Kapers (USA).mp4

    Killer Satellites (USA).mp4

    King Kong (USA).mp4

    Klax (Europe).mp4

    Knight on the Town (USA).mp4

    Kool-Aid Man (USA).mp4

    Krull (USA).mp4

    Kung-Fu Master (USA).mp4

    Lady Bug (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Lady in Wading (USA).mp4

    Laser Blast (USA).mp4

    Laser Gates (USA).mp4

    Lasercade (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Last Starfighter, The (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Lead (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Lilly Adventure (Europe).mp4

    Lochjaw (USA).mp4

    Lock 'n' Chase (USA).mp4

    London Blitz (USA).mp4

    Looping (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Lord of the Rings, The - Fellowship of the Ring (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Lord of the Rings, The - Journey to Rivendell (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Lost Luggage (USA).mp4

    M.A.D. (USA).mp4

    M.A.S.H (USA).mp4

    MagiCard (USA).mp4

    Malagai (USA).mp4

    Mangia' (USA).mp4

    Marauder (USA).mp4

    Marble Craze (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Marine Wars (USA).mp4

    Mario Bros. (USA).mp4

    Master Builder (USA).mp4

    Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (USA).mp4

    Math Gran Prix (USA).mp4

    Maze Craze - A Game of Cops 'n Robbers (USA).mp4

    Medieval Mayhem (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Mega Force (USA).mp4

    MegaBoy (Brazil).mp4

    MegaMania - A Space Nightmare (USA).mp4

    Meltdown (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Mental Kombat (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Merlin's Walls (France) (Unl).mp4

    Meteoroids (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Midnight Magic (USA).mp4

    Millipede (USA).mp4

    Mind Maze (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Mine Sweeper (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Miner 2049er - Starring Bounty Bob (USA).mp4

    Miner 2049er Volume II (USA).mp4

    Mines of Minos (USA).mp4

    Miniature Golf (USA).mp4

    Missile Command (USA).mp4

    Missile Control (Europe).mp4

    Mission 3,000 A.D. (Europe).mp4

    Mission Survive (Europe).mp4

    Mogul Maniac (USA).mp4

    Mondo Pong (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Montezuma's Revenge - Featuring Panama Joe (USA).mp4

    Moon Patrol (USA).mp4

    Moonsweeper (USA).mp4

    Motocross (Europe).mp4

    Motocross Racer (USA).mp4

    MotoRodeo (USA).mp4

    Mountain King (USA).mp4

    Mouse Trap (USA).mp4

    Mr. Do! (USA).mp4

    Mr. Do!'s Castle (USA).mp4

    Mr. Postman (Europe).mp4

    Ms. Pac-Man (USA).mp4

    Music Machine, The (USA).mp4

    My Golf (Australia).mp4

    Mysterious Thief, A (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Name This Game (USA).mp4

    Night Driver (USA).mp4

    Nightmare (Europe).mp4

    No Escape! (USA).mp4

    Nuts (Europe).mp4

    Obelix (USA).mp4

    Off the Wall (USA).mp4

    Off Your Rocker (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Official Frogger, The (USA).mp4

    Oink! (USA).mp4

    Okie Dokie (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Omega Race (USA).mp4

    Open Sesame (Europe).mp4

    Oscar's Trash Race (USA).mp4

    Othello (USA).mp4

    Out of Control (USA).mp4

    Outlaw (USA).mp4

    Oystron (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Pac-Man (USA).mp4

    Pac-Man 4K (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Panda Chase (Europe).mp4

    Parachute (Europe).mp4

    Party Mix (USA).mp4

    Peek-A-Boo (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Pengo (USA).mp4

    Pepsi Invaders - Coke Wins (USA).mp4

    Pesco (France) (Unl).mp4

    Pete Rose Baseball (USA).mp4

    Phantom II - Pirate (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Phantom Tank (Europe).mp4

    Pharaoh's Curse (Germany).mp4

    Phaser Patrol (USA).mp4

    Philly Flasher (USA).mp4

    Phoenix (USA).mp4

    Pick 'n' Pile (Europe).mp4

    Pick Up (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Picnic (USA).mp4

    Piece o' Cake (USA).mp4

    Pigs in Space - Starring Miss Piggy (USA).mp4

    Pirate Special Edition (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (USA).mp4

    Pitfall! - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure (USA).mp4

    Pizza Chef (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Planet of the Apes (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Planet Patrol (USA).mp4

    Plaque Attack (USA).mp4

    Pleiades (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Poker Squares (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Polaris (USA).mp4

    Pole Position (USA).mp4

    Polo (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Pooyan (USA).mp4

    Popeye (USA).mp4

    Porky's (USA).mp4

    Power Off! (France) (Unl).mp4

    Pressure Cooker (USA).mp4

    Pressure Gauge (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Private Eye (USA).mp4

    Qb (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Q-bert (USA).mp4

    Q-bert's Qubes (USA).mp4

    Quadrun (USA).mp4

    Quest for Quintana Roo (USA).mp4

    Quick Step! (USA).mp4

    Rabbit Transit (USA).mp4

    Racing Car (Europe).mp4

    Racquetball (USA).mp4

    Radar Lock (USA).mp4

    Raft Rider (USA).mp4

    Raiders of the Lost Ark (USA).mp4

    Rainbow Invaders (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Ram It (USA).mp4

    Rampage! (USA).mp4

    Raster Fahndung (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Reactor (USA).mp4

    RealSports Baseball (USA).mp4

    RealSports Basketball (USA) (Proto).mp4

    RealSports Boxing (USA).mp4

    RealSports Football (USA).mp4

    RealSports Soccer (USA).mp4

    RealSports Tennis (USA).mp4

    RealSports Volleyball (USA).mp4

    Reindeer Rescue (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Rescue Bira Bira (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Rescue Terra I (USA).mp4

    Revenge of the Apes (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (USA).mp4

    Riddle of the Sphinx (USA).mp4

    River Patrol (USA).mp4

    River Raid (USA).mp4

    River Raid II (USA).mp4

    Road Runner (USA).mp4

    Robin Hood (USA).mp4

    Robot Tank (USA).mp4

    Roc 'n Rope (USA).mp4

    Rocky & Bullwinkle (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Room of Doom (USA).mp4

    Rubik's Cube 3-D (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Rush Hour (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Saboteur (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Save Mary! (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Save Our Ship (Germany).mp4

    Save the Whales (USA) (Proto).mp4

    SCSIcide (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Sea Battle (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Sea Monster (Europe).mp4

    Seahawk (Europe).mp4

    Seaquest (USA).mp4

    Seawolf (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Secret Agent (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Secret Quest (USA).mp4

    Sentinel (USA).mp4

    Shootin' Gallery (USA).mp4

    Shooting Arcade (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Shuttle Orbiter (USA).mp4

    Sinistar (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Sir Lancelot (USA).mp4

    Skate Boardin' (USA).mp4

    Skeet Shoot (USA).mp4

    Skeleton (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Skeleton+ (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Ski Hunt (Europe).mp4

    Ski Run (Europe).mp4

    Skiing (USA).mp4

    Skindiver (Europe).mp4

    Sky Alien (Europe).mp4

    Sky Diver (USA).mp4

    Sky Jinks (USA).mp4

    Sky Skipper (USA).mp4

    Slot Machine (USA).mp4

    Slot Racers (USA).mp4

    Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (USA).mp4

    Smurfs Save the Day (USA).mp4

    Snail Against Squirrel (Europe).mp4

    Sneak 'n Peek (USA).mp4

    Snoopy and the Red Baron (USA).mp4

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Solar Fox (USA).mp4

    Solar Plexus (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Solar Storm (USA).mp4

    Solaris (USA).mp4

    Sorcerer (USA).mp4

    Sorcerer's Apprentice (USA).mp4

    Space Attack (USA).mp4

    Space Battle (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Space Cavern (USA).mp4

    Space Instigators (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Space Invaders (USA).mp4

    Space Jockey (USA).mp4

    Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space (USA).mp4

    Space Treat (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Space Treat Deluxe (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Space Tunnel (Europe).mp4

    Space War (USA).mp4

    Spacechase (USA).mp4

    SpaceMaster X-7 (USA).mp4

    Spectracube Invasion (Europe).mp4

    Spider Fighter (USA).mp4

    Spider-Man (USA).mp4

    Spike's Peak (USA).mp4

    Spinning Fireball (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Spitfire Attack (USA).mp4

    Springer (USA).mp4

    Sprint Master (USA).mp4

    Spy Hunter (USA).mp4

    Squeeze Box (USA).mp4

    Squish 'Em (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Sssnake (USA).mp4

    Stampede (USA).mp4

    Star Fire (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Star Fox (USA).mp4

    Star Raiders (USA).mp4

    Star Ship (USA).mp4

    Star Strike (USA).mp4

    Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (USA).mp4

    Star Voyager (USA).mp4

    Star Wars - Jedi Arena (USA).mp4

    Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (USA).mp4

    Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Star Wars - The Arcade Game (USA).mp4

    Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (USA).mp4

    Stargate (USA).mp4

    Stargunner (USA).mp4

    StarMaster (USA).mp4

    Steeplechase (Europe).mp4

    Steeplechase (USA).mp4

    Stellar Track (USA).mp4

    Stell-A-Sketch (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Stone Age (Brazil).mp4

    Strategy X (USA).mp4

    Strat-O-Gems Deluxe (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Strawberry Shortcake - Musical Match-Ups (USA).mp4

    Street Racer (USA).mp4

    Stronghold (USA).mp4

    Stunt Cycle (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Submarine Commander (USA).mp4

    Sub-Scan (USA).mp4

    Subterranea (USA).mp4

    Suicide Mission (USA).mp4

    Summer Games (USA).mp4

    Super Breakout (USA).mp4

    Super Challenge Baseball (USA).mp4

    Super Challenge Football (USA).mp4

    Super Cobra (USA).mp4

    Super Football (USA).mp4

    Superman (USA).mp4

    Surfer's Paradise - But Danger Below! (Europe).mp4

    Surf's Up (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Surround (USA).mp4

    Survival Island (USA).mp4

    Survival Run (USA).mp4

    SWOOPS! (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Sword of Saros (USA).mp4

    Swordfight (USA).mp4

    SwordQuest - EarthWorld (USA).mp4

    SwordQuest - FireWorld (USA).mp4

    SwordQuest - WaterWorld (USA).mp4

    Sync (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Synthcart (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Tac-Scan (USA).mp4

    Tapeworm (USA).mp4

    Tapper (USA).mp4

    Targ (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Tax Avoiders (USA).mp4

    Taz (USA).mp4

    Telepathy (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Tennis (USA).mp4

    Tetris 26 (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (USA).mp4

    This Planet Sucks (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Threshold (USA).mp4

    Thrust+ DC Edition (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Thrust+ Platinum (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Thunderground (USA).mp4

    Thwocker (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Time Pilot (USA).mp4

    Time Warp (Europe).mp4

    Title Match Pro Wrestling (USA).mp4

    Tomarc the Barbarian (USA).mp4

    Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (USA).mp4

    Tooth Protectors (USA).mp4

    Topy (Europe).mp4

    Towering Inferno (USA).mp4

    Toyshop Trouble (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Track & Field (USA).mp4

    Treasure Below (Europe).mp4

    Treasure Island (Europe).mp4

    Trick Shot (USA).mp4

    TRON - Deadly Discs (USA).mp4

    Tunnel Runner (USA).mp4

    Turmoil (USA).mp4

    Tutankham (USA).mp4

    Ultra SCSIcide (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Universal Chaos (USA).mp4

    Unknown 20th Century Fox Game (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Unknown Activision Game #1 (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Unknown Activision Game #2 (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Unknown Datatech Game #2 - AKA Mazy Match (Mexico).mp4

    Up 'n Down (USA).mp4

    Vanguard (USA).mp4

    Vault Assault (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Venture (USA).mp4

    Venture II - The Abysmal Abyss (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Video Checkers (USA).mp4

    Video Chess (USA).mp4

    Video Jogger (USA).mp4

    Video Life (USA).mp4

    Video Olympics (USA).mp4

    Video Pinball (USA).mp4

    Video Reflex (USA).mp4

    Video Simon (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Vong (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Wabbit (USA).mp4

    Walker (Europe).mp4

    Wall Ball (USA).mp4

    Wall Break (Europe).mp4

    Warlords (USA).mp4

    Warplock (USA).mp4

    Warring Worms - The Worm (Re)Turns (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Warring Worms (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Wing War (Europe).mp4

    Winter Games (USA).mp4

    Wizard (USA) (Proto).mp4

    Wizard of Wor (USA).mp4

    Word Zapper (USA).mp4

    Words-Attack (Europe) (Proto).mp4

    World End (Europe).mp4

    Worm War I (USA).mp4

    Xenophobe (USA).mp4

    X-Man (USA).mp4

    X'Mission (Europe).mp4

    Yahtzee (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Yars' Revenge (USA).mp4

    Zaxxon (USA).mp4

    Z-Blocks (USA) (Unl).mp4

    Zoo Fun (Europe).mp4

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