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  1. Cool. I still have to finish W-Z hopefully by this weekend and then go back and add handheld/ plug n play games.
  2. For now only doing parent working arcade games. I'm leaving out casino, mahjong, rhythm handheld games. I can always come back for those later if people are interested. Using MAME .231 with LB/BB 11.11 Edit: When I'm done I will add handheld games. Missing Videos. #-9 f2pbball (handheld) sudo6in1 senario25 (plug n play) silv35 mc_89in1 A animechmp alnattck (handheld) alnchase (handheld) astrocmd (handheld) jsc_spid B bbh bbhcotw bikkuri brkball mag_burn buttobi (ticket game) bbtime (ha
  3. Hey whats up? Been awhile since we spoke. Hope the family is doing well. I've been busy with life. Wife and I just had a baby last month making it two now. Sure I would love e to start a new list. I'll look into it tomorrow.
  4. Would be nice to see MAME completed after all these years. 🙂 Missing a lot of snap videos. Themes would be nice also but at least get the videos completed. 🙂
  5. Any hope of these ever getting some love?
  6. Well it looked like they were corrupt. Re-downloading from the FTP and all seems to be fine.
  7. SO I was messing around with Hyperspin today and noticed that my SNES videos have no sound when it's being launched in HS. However if I just open the video outside of HS there is sound. All my other videos have sound in HS. Is there a setting that I might of changed by mistake? Also when using Emumovies Sync the SNES system doesn't show up in the system drop box.
  8. I know but it seems it's always down. lol. Also one more quick question. How often are these files updated? Like MAME snaps, marquees, etc. I noticed a lot missing. Thanks
  9. Just curious if there are any plans on having this sync with Hyperspin game and system themes?
  10. Thanks for the reply back. Yes it would be nice if it got some love. Was a system I owned during my childhood and it seems to be left out.
  11. I can't find any updates for this pack. I was wondering if there is a complete set to match the HS database? Thanks
  12. Happy Birthday!

    1. joe35car


      It's been a while since I have been here let alone any emulation. Been so busy with my 2 year old haven't had time. lol. Hope all things are going well with you.

  13. I was checking out some of the new videos you uploaded and was wondering if you are using the latest MAME to make these? I bring this up because the video for astinvad still sounds wrong with the UFO coming down and also they fixed the flash. - 0.154: hap fixed Astro Invader/Kamikaze red screen flashing. Always great work on these videos. Thanks
  14. @Circo Don't forget about these. and maybe change the topic to MAME .169 http://emumovies.com/forums/topic/5507-mame-166-video-snap-update-still-going/?p=20137
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