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  1. Time for me to post on their forum. 🙂
  2. How about when you are downloading through Launchbox?
  3. Are all the current videos you did in the FTP? If so roadburn is still the old video where it shows it's not playable. Awesome work as always. *NM. I had to delete the old video.
  4. I think this system needs some love. I'm starting a list using hyperspin xml naming. Maybe Circo will see this after his vacation. 😛 I'm only adding missing videos. List completed. Atari 8-bit videos.txt
  5. The games that are no longer in MAME 235 just leave them there for now. I will check to see if they were renamed or removed entirely. They might be added again on next release.
  6. No problem. Just celebrating my bday today. I will update list soon.
  7. That sucks about the hard drive. I'm just pulling your chain on the videos. Whenever is good by me. New MAME will be out soon with an updated list 😉.
  8. Looks like you've been working really hard on these videos and are preparing for a huge update. :P
  9. Better try and keep up with the old man. 😂
  10. Updated list to MAME 233.
  11. I guess the crappy games finally got to you lol.
  12. List updated to MAME 232.
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