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  • Creatronic Mega Duck Videos & Artwork Released (v2.0)


    Today we present new, much higher quality video snaps for the Creatronic Mega Duck.  Included in version 2 of these packs are 23 video snaps, EM default platform video as well as gameplay and title snaps.  A big thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the initial submissions, this set was in dire need of a refresh.  Continue reading after the samples for the listing of what's new.

    High Quality Video Snap Sample


    EM Default Platform Video Sample



    Videos Added / Replaced - 16 @DamnedRegistrations, @Circo

    • 2nd Space (Europe)
    • Ant Soldiers (Europe)
    • Arctic Zone (Europe)
    • Armour Force (Europe)
    • Beast Fighter (Europe)
    • Black Forest Tale (Europe)
    • Bomb Disposer (Europe)
    • Brick Wall, The (Europe)
    • Captain Knick Knack (Europe)
    • Commin 5 in 1 (Europe)
    • Magic Maze (Europe)
    • Magical Tower (Europe)
    • Mega Duck 4 in 1 (Europe)
    • Pile Wonder (Europe)
    • Puppet Knight (Europe)
    • Railway (Europe)
    • Snake Roy (Europe)
    • Street Rider (Europe)
    • Suleiman's Treasure (Europe)
    • Trap & Turn (Europe)
    • Vex (Europe)
    • Worm Visitor (Europe)
    • Zipball (Europe)


    Grab the new video snaps immediately via:

    Edited by Circo

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