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  • Commodore Amiga Video Snaps Updated (Version 1.9)


    Happy Holidays everyone! First off today we have an update to the Commodore Amiga video snaps pack bringing the pack to version 1.9. This update adds 27 new video snaps bringing the total number of videos for the Amiga to 1,808. Videos are available in Standard Quality on the EmuMovies website and in High Quality on via the EmuMovies FTP and Sync service.  Continue past the preview for all the juicy details.



    EmuMovies Official Commodore Amiga Video Snaps Version 1.9

    • Added 27 Video Snaps
    • Captures @Audi85  Edits & Encoding @Circo


    • Barravento - O Mestre da Capoeira (Brazil)
    • BartVsTheSpaceMutants_v1.1_2Disk_0884
    • Doman_v1.4_Pl
    • Franko_v1.2_Pl
    • Giana_Sisters_SE_1.2
    • HeartOfTheAlienRedux_v1.0_HD
    • HumanKillingMachine_v1.0
    • International Karate (Unl)
    • Karateka (Unl)
    • Lorna_v1.0
    • ManhattenDealers_v1.1a
    • MetalMasters_v1.0_0534
    • Ninja Gaiden Episode II - The Dark Sword Of Chaos (USA)
    • OnEscapee_v1.3_AGA
    • Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy (Europe)
    • Prawo Krwi (Poland) (AGA)
    • Savage_v1.0_0028
    • ShadowWarriors_v1.1_0830
    • ShaqFu_v1.1_AGA_1761
    • SuburbanCommando_v1.1_0959
    • Super Taekwondo Master (Poland)
    • SuperStreetFighter2_v1.1_AGA
    • SuperStreetFighter2DX_v1.1_AGA
    • SuperStreetFighter2Turbo_v1.1_AGA_0735
    • Taekwondo Master (Poland)
    • ViajeAlCentroDeLaTierra_v1.1_Es
    • XTremeRacing&DataDisks_v1.1_AGA_0164&1807


    Update your videos today

    EM Thumbs Video Snaps.jpg


    Edited by Circo

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