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Default "rom" names. Who decides?


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Me again =)


I'm setting up my amiga but notice that the current roms are based of killergorillas stuff and the versions of the games are old. WHDLoad games are updated quite often and I've made my own rom set with an up to date list of all games.


Now here comes the troubles. The movies (and this goes for hyperspin media too) all include a version number. This number changes with new WHDLoad games so I can not really use them.


My thinking is that the media for the games should NOT have the versions in them as that is very counterproductive when it comes to new games. With todays standard, when you update a game, you either have to rename it to the old version (which will be very confusing after a while) OR edit the database xml and rename all the media, loosing out on HyperSync since it will no longer work.


What I propopse is that the media are renamed to only be the games name, not version. You do not see this in any other romsets, so why the Amiga? MAME names does not change (that often) when new roms come out.


Example as it is now.

Romname: 1943_v1.2.lha

Media name: 1943_v1.2.mp4

Theme and others: 1943_v1.2.zip


Proposed change:

Romname: 1943.lha

Media name: 1943.mp4

Theme and others: 1943.zip


Now consider the problem. I have 1943_v1.3.lha. The one in the xml (and romname) is wrong. If the xml just said "1943" instead of "1943_v1.2", there would be no problem. That is the 5th game in the xml and then you can imagine how many old versions are in there as there are 3188 "roms" right now.


I've already got the romset and made a script to try and guess what media should go with it, but its not 100% correct of course so I get some mismatches.


Curious on who to talk to to get this changed, if possible. I'll be more then happy to provide the renamed media for the initial change if I can get this approved.





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+1 . Good point Turranius

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The whole Amiga set will be renamed to HS naming standards (No-Intro based) once I finish the XML update.


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No intro based is the friendliest standard as it plays nice with renamers as well. Also our download service utility (and fe's that use the api) includes auto match and rename capabilities. Brolly and his team are working hard on this, I can't imagine a full rename is far off in the future.

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Thanks for the responses. I'll hold off for now then =)

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