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  1. It looks very nice, will definitely try it out when its released. Maybe time to move from Hyperspin....
  2. Armakuni (The Last Ninja) and Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)
  3. Night: Ah, thank you so much. Happy new year!
  4. Night: Would like to request the video for Last Ninja Remix and Tusker . Thanks!
  5. Great circo, nice to see that the C64 gets some love
  6. Wonderful, going to download them tonight. Thnx once again!
  7. Nice Night!, thanx for providing more vids for the C64
  8. Nice work. Looking forward to check your finished theme . Really hope someone has the time to capture the missing videos too
  9. The first one I really remember playing is Last Ninja 1 on Commodore 64
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