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NEC And 3D0 Sets Updated (25 Videos)


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This is the first of quite a few updates that I have to announce today. Lets just say that this is a good day for the completionists out there. Member DamnedRegistrations has been auditing our collections like crazy and swamped me with updates. First up are Video Snap updates for the PC Engine, PC-Engine CD, TurboGrafx CD and the Panasonic 3DO. Keep reading for a list of changes made.

Videos Added/Replaced:

NEC PC Engine CD

  • Choujikuu Yousai Macross - Eien no Love Song (Japan)
  • Emerald Dragon (Japan)
  • Gensou Tairiku Auleria (Japan)
  • Super Real Mahjong P II.III Custom (Japan)
  • Super Real Mahjong P IV Custom (Japan)
  • Super Real Mahjong P V Custom (Japan)
  • Super Real Mahjong Special (Japan)
  • Tengai Makyou - Deden no Den (Japan) (Promo)
  • Tengai Makyou - Kabuki Ittouryoudan (Japan)
  • Vasteel 2 (Japan)
  • Wizardry 5 - Heart of the Maelstrom (Japan)
  • Xak I.II (Japan)
  • Zero 4 Champ II (Japan)
NEC PC-Engine
  • Bubblegum Crash! - Knight Sabers 2034 (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Doraemon - Meikyuu Daisakusen (Japan)
  • Jaseikin Necromancer (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Maison Ikkoku (Japan) (Translated En)
  • PC Genjin - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
  • PC Genjin 2 - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
  • PC Genjin 3 - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
NEC TurboGrafx CD
  • Mysterious Song (World) (Unl)
Panasonic 3D0
  • Eye of Typhoon, The (Korea)
  • Mad Dog II - The Lost Gold (USA)
  • Return Fire - Maps O' Death (USA)
  • Yakyuuken Special, The (Japan)

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Last Updated Mar 02 2014 05:03 PM

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